Christine Watkins

Christine Watkins


Christine Watkins, has been crafting words for speaking in live or broadcast form since 1980. She is a storyweaver, performer and explorer of narrative. “I experience the stories I make now as having passed over a bridge from those told by a young to those told by one in her sixties, perhaps beyond. The threads of my preoccupations run continuously across that bridge, emerging from further back than I can remember and seeming to run ahead into the distance. They are Herstory and they are stories of belonging and apartness, of discovery and creation from which I feel I / we are woven into life.” Christine’s teaching and facilitating work includes the Storyweaver Course for Glastonbury Goddess Temple, and she performs at various festivals and venues large and small.




For the Crone Conference this year I will be dipping into the swirling pot I have been stirring for the last year or so and performing a short new piece of work, ‘Rune’ , inspired by messages, washing lines and forgetfulness.