Charlotte Haigh

Charlotte Haigh


Charlotte Haigh is a soul midwife, funeral guide/celebrant and writer. As a priestess of Rhiannon and shamanic practitioner, she brings nature-based rituals into all her work with death and dying. Charlotte has been running death cafes and other death consciousness events in her area since 2018. 





Online Programme

Soul midwifing the Earth in her darkest hour 


We’re living in dying times on this planet, from the pollution of our waters to the devastating loss of so many of the wondrous species who share the Earth with us. As the climate and ecological crises deepen, our communities will need those who can be with death, hold space for grief and stand strong in love.  


This session is an introduction to how we can act as soul midwives for the planet and all the beings living here. We’ll explore some of the death- and grief-tending skills that can become ways to connect deeply with nature, practise self-care and support our communities to have courage, find hope and grow through grief. 


Please have with you: paper and something to write with, a candle and lighter, a bowl of water, some oil for anointing, incense/sage or similar.