Chantal van den Bogaert

Chantal van den Bogaert


Chantal van den Bogaert is a priestess, soulhealer and a medicine woman from the Netherlands. She is the founder of the holistic center de Aardemoeder where she works as a holistic psychosocial therapist. She is a Madron at Moon Mystery School. 

She is a priestess of the Goddess and daughter of the earth and facilitates sacred cacao ceremonies and selfcare circles.


Medicine of the heart ceremony with Mama Cacao.
(from 1PM – 4PM)

You are warmly invited to join the Cacao Love Ceremonie devoted to healing the heart and expanding Love on the planet with the power of a sacred ceremony.

Mama Cacao is calling us to consistently gather in a sacred circle to work with her medicine so that we may support one another in the remembrance of Love within our hearts.

The more we are able to access the Love within ourselves, the more we anchor Love on the planet. The more we are able to connect with our hearts, the more we are allowing the truth of our hearts to guide our way. 

Expand the field of Love by joining our sacred dance circle! Immerse yourself in the healing frequencies of the cacao spirit and connect with the core of your being.

Cacao is a sacred plant with powerful healing frequency

Experience a beautiful 3hr ceremony where you will work and dance with Mama Cacao.

Receive heart healing & opening, intuitions & guidance coming from working with this plant ally.

With this, you will not only feel the beautiful energies of loving kindness toward yourself and others flood your body and spirit, but you will experience the healing energy from Mama cacao


These guidelines help you to have the best possible experience with Cacao’s sacred medicine:

*Participants are encouraged to reflect on their intention for the ceremony beforehand.

*Please abstain from any other altering substances (including alcohol) for 24 hours before the ceremony to make the most of this subtle experience.

*Please avoid eating a big meal beforehand.

*Afterwards, plan for the enjoyment of a shared meal amongst your group. This is the perfect way to integrate the ceremony together.

*Be sure to hydrate well with water post-ceremony and the following day as Cacao can be dehydrating.