CAROLYN HILLYER has lived and worked within the heart of Dartmoor’s wild hills for over 25 years.
She has written eleven solo albums and co-created many others; her albums have come to occupy an
iconic place within women’s sacred music, defining the essence and edges of her unusual perspective on women’s spiritual journeys and ancient mythological landscape. She has accumulated a potent collection of songs and chants born from hearth mysteries, feral trails, the weave of magic and the power of sister circles. Her paintings of life-size archetypal spirit women have been exhibited many times as shrine installations, including over many years for the Goddess Conference. Her publishing house, BRAIDED RIVER BOOKS, features the internationally renowned Weavers’ Oracle based around her art works, as well as her most recent series of volumes, Book of Hag. For nearly three decades she has been teaching a series of powerful workshop journeys and apprenticeship cycles for women that braid together ritual song and drum, intuitive ceremony, ancient initiations and direct interaction with wild land.