Caroline Stevens

Caroline Stevens


Caroline Stevens is a Priestess of Brigid and Brigantia.  She is also one of the Ceremonial Priestesses of the Crone Goddess Conference. Caroline has a deep love of the land and enjoys long walks in nature.



Caroline is passionate about self development and empowerment.  She brings these passions into her work as a Clinical Hypnotherapist (working both online and in person).  She is also a Life Coach and Crystal Healer.  



Caroline also delivers online workshops that weave together her love of Goddess with energy healing, self-empowerment work and more.



To keep updated with Caroline’s offerings you can find her at the following online places:






Online Programme

The Forge Fires of Brigid the Crone


Caroline, Priestess of Brigid and Brigantia, introduces a very different face of the Goddess Brigid in this online talk. Celebrated by many at Imbolc for Her Maiden energies, She also has a powerful fiery Crone energy. You will have the opportunity to meet Her in visualisation during this talk.