Camilla Måne

Camilla Måne


Camilla Måne is a dedicated priestess, women’s circle leader and social worker with roots in Dalarna, Sweden. Camilla is passionate about the healing power of the talking circle and loves to create safe spaces for people to explore their authentic wild selves through inner journeys, creative expression, connection to each other and nature.


Together with Stina Gray, Camilla holds women’s circles, moon lodges and wild women gatherings at Women’s Wisdom Stories (Vildkvinnans Väg), a rewilding women’s school and community based in Sweden.



Into the Woods: The Importance of Elders at the Threshold of Initiation

We are storyteller Stina Gray and priestess Camilla Måne, and with this workshop we would
like to invite you to journey with us into the deep mossy woods of our Motherland, Sweden,
where we will meet the Crone Goddess as she appears in a powerful story of transformation
and initiation. This journey will interweave storytelling, dance, ceremony, singing, drumming
and circle sharing. Bring a notebook, pen and drum or rattle if you have one.