Camilla Måne & Stina Gray

Camilla Måne is a Priestess of Rhiannon, social worker and circle woman living in the north of Sweden. She holds women’s circles, workshops, moon lodges, sharing circles and wild woman retreats. Camilla loves creating safe spaces for people to explore their authentic wild selves through inner journeys, creative expression, connection to each other and nature. At the heart of her work is a deep belief in the healing power of the talking circle.

Stina Gray is a storyteller, ethnologist and musician with roots in Sweden and New Zealand.
Passionate about the kind of storytelling “that bridges the gap between humans and trolls” – Stina guides audiences by the gentle beat of her drum and enchanting pull of her voice to Sagoheim – a sanctuary where trees can speak, the rivers sing songs and the mountains whisper in an ancient tongue known only to those who listen from the very soles of their feet. She gives storytelling performances and holds courses, workshops and women’s circles.

Together, Camilla and Stina offer rewilding women’s circles, gatherings and workshops, and collaborate musically as “Wild Moon Sisters,” writing music for circle gatherings, ceremonies and women’s circles, inspired by the landscape and seasons of their motherland Sweden.