Cairelle Crow is a genealogist, family tree traveller, mixed media creatrix, descendant of the mitochondrial Blood Mother she calls Helenka, Priestess at the Mt. Shasta Goddess Temple, and has walked a Goddess path for the last 30 years. She is passionate about woman-focused genealogical research, presents genealogy lectures and educational workshops that empower women to explore their own roots, facilitates a Red Tent circle, curates bespoke heritage discovery tours, and hostesses ‘Divine You’ retreats for magical women. As a wanderess at heart, her personal global adventures focus on her own ancestry and her love of wild and holy spaces. When she’s not roaming the world in search of grandmothers, quirky art, and stone circles, Cairelle is in her hometown of New Orleans where she lives joyfully, loves intensely, and laughs frequently with family and friends.
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