Brooke Medicine Eagle

Brooke Medicine Eagle


Brooke Medicine Eagle, is a lover of this beautiful Earth; a legendary indigenous EarthKeeper, wisdom teacher, healer; visionary, singer/songwriter; shamanic practitioner; catalyst for wholeness; leader of ceremonial empowerment; & author of the American native literary classic, Buffalo Woman Comes Singing, and of The Last Ghost Dance. She is an elder sister and guide, offering a lifetime of ancient & modern wisdom for your wellness, thriving & prospering. A current focus is on health and empowerment for women. Decades ago, she brought forward ancient, indigenous traditional ways of moon-time and women’s mysteries; and continues to feel strongly about the importance of moon-time practice for women’s health, spirit, leadership and service to the world. Her work with White Buffalo Woman gives foundation to the power and magic of the Feminine.




Honoring your First Blood 
In indigenous tradition, ritual for coming into your womanhood is a vital aspect of your mystery teachings and grounding in the deep Feminine. Brooke will be speak of the importance of such loving support from your female lineage, and how important it is to revisit that crucial moment for healing.  
Indigenous Menarche Initiation
Brooke will offer teachings about this special rite given to us by White Buffalo Calf Woman 20 generations ago. Then you will be taken through this initiation – an important experience for your current knowledge, yet more importantly, vital to go back in time and re-ground yourself in honoring you as a womb-an and also honoring your moon / menstrual time. This monthly time is powerful not only physically, but spiritually as well. Join me for this special ceremony. 

On Becoming A Medicine Woman: 
(from 10AM – 4PM)

Starting at the beginning….  

In indigenous tradition, one does not call herself a ‘medicine woman’ until she has gained the wisdom of years of profound spiritual practice. 

This deep and beautiful time together will  focus on giving you knowledge of an indigenous pathway toward becoming such a wisdom woman, which begins at menarche and continues as a regular practice. It is a priestess pathway for every woman.

We will learn, sing, dance, and share with a circle of beautiful women. 

You will: 

  • Journey to the Feminine Source of All Life
  • Understand the importance of your moon-time practice in becoming wise
  • Learn to honor the power of your womanhood
  • Know the amazing power of working together with other women
  • Awaken to the natural and remarkable service woman have to offer the world in this crucial time.