Brooke Medicine Eagle – The Goddess Web

Brooke Medicine Eagle – The Goddess Web


Brooke Medicine Eagle, is a lover of this beautiful Earth; a legendary indigenous EarthKeeper, wisdom teacher, healer; visionary, singer/songwriter; shamanic practitioner; catalyst for wholeness; leader of ceremonial empowerment; & author of the American native literary classic, Buffalo Woman Comes Singing, and of The Last Ghost Dance. She is an elder sister and guide, offering a lifetime of ancient & modern wisdom for your wellness, thriving & prospering. A current focus is on health and empowerment for women. Decades ago, she brought forward ancient, indigenous traditional ways of moon-time and women’s mysteries; and continues to feel strongly about the importance of moon-time practice for women’s health, spirit, leadership and service to the world. Her work with White Buffalo Woman gives foundation to the power and magic of the Feminine.



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The Healing Power of the Menarche Woman 
In primary people’s ways, the magic, mystery and power of menarche is deeply honored. The awakening of the womb through the first blood gives an amazing capability, for not only health, but as well, for healing.