Bett and Les Cloutman

Bett and Les Cloutman


Bett is a teacher, herbalist and wise woman, with a profound knowledge of plant lore. Les is an ecologist, naturalist and shaman who has studied, and has deep knowledge of the plants and creatures of our Mother Goddess, and the ancient history of this island. After a lifetime of devotion to Mother Earth we have been part of the Glastonbury Goddess movement since moving back to Somerset in 1990.



Avebury is the largest Neolithic stone circle in Europe, it was created by a Goddess loving culture some 5000 years ago, so it is very appropriate that we make pilgrimage here and make offering as a prelude to the Goddess Conference.

We will – as many early pilgrims did – start above on the Ridgeway at the Sancturary where we can look down over the sacred landscape.

Then you have a choice of walking the Ridgeway and down into the circle, or driving down to the circle with Bett to learn herb lore and make herbal garlands for the arrival of the Ridgeway pilgrims. There will be time to picnic within the stones, learn about this ancient site, do simple ritual and have time and space on your own before we go on to the West Kennet Long Barrow to make a final offering to the ancestors before we return to meet our Sovereign Goddess in Glastonbury.

Avebury Tour transport is included.