Bee Helygen

Bee Helygen


Bee Helygen is a Priestess of Cerridwen and Avalon, Awenydd (Inspirer) in the Anglesey Druid Order, Swynwraig™ (Wise Woman), OBOD Ovate (Druidic Healer), Creatrix and Teacher of the Priestess of Cerridwen course held in Avalon, Bala and OnLine, a Glastonbury Goddess Temple Oracle, a Soul Midwife & Death Priestess working in Hospitals and Hospices across the region.


She is an experienced Ceremonialist and Celebrant, who works both in the Glastonbury Temple and Goddess Healing House as a Priestess and Healer. She welcomes groups of visitors here in Avalon, giving talks and presentations on Goddess, and guides sacred tours on the land. In previous years she was a Ceremonial Priestess for the annual Goddess Conference and this year a very proud member of the Crone Circle.


A teacher by profession and vocation, she creates and facilitates workshops, courses, rituals and ceremonies for Goddess and the community based on her twenty five years of practice and research. In 2015 Bee created a course to become a Priestess of the Goddess Cerridwen, Queen of the Underworld and OtherWorld in the Avalonian wheel, to work with the shadow times in life, giving support to those in need of service.


After a decade of research conducted in Wales, she has reclaimed a healing tradition based on the ancient roots of the Welsh Wise Women, the Swynwragedd. “Our hands, hearts, souls and voices are dedicated channels for Goddess”, according to Bee’s vision of holistic wellness – reconnecting body and soul.


Bee and Her Cerridwen Priestesses and Priests also host the monthly Dark Moon ritual at the Goddess Temple for the last six year and the annual Witches Memorial Walk, where healing energy is sent into the world and beyond. Priest-esses of Cerridwen are Earth guardians and dragon line protectors.



Witch Queen of Annwfn

We will explore the Celtic understanding of OtherWorld, journey there and meet the Witch Queen in Her realm, protected by Her Beloved consort and the Dragons. 

She will gift us with a ‘Spell of Making’, a manifestation spell, so we may create our wealth in our realm and a crystal as a touchstone to keep us safe and grounded in these uncertain times. A herb for healing will be included in your complimentary spell pouch, so you may work with the healing of your soul. 

She asks us in this journey to travel into our inner realm, meet our Enchantress of Power, and seek with Her help the shadow in the rays of gold emanating from us, and to untie the bonds that hold us back, giving them freedom to dissolve into love. From there we reclaim our dark blood magic to seal the spell. Do you dare to find this part of you??? 

SpellCraft is breath to us Celtic Witches. There is so much magic in the world and particularly Avalon, it rises within each of us to surface and do its work of creating. It is up to you to find the courage to come claim your just desires.

N.B. Wealth is dependent on your needs, not necessarily your false desires, and could include finance, love, empowerment etc.

Online Programme

The Healing Secrets of the Dark Goddess Sisterhood

In the passing of time on this planet, from the darkness of the vast Cosmos, the Dark Goddess Sisterhood strode out of the chaos and invoked their powers of Magic of Healing and Wisdom to help humanity develop into its highest form. Since then an ever greater number of people have been called to work towards this goal with the DGS. From the early Magicians of Sumeria, Chaldea, Greece, Egypt and the Celtic tribes to our present day, the Dark Goddesses choose the humans they feel are able to receive their gifts with humility and grace. They call to them, into their subconscious, to their souls, to come and arise to their highest evolvement, pure golden magic that heals. In this talk I will speak to these events, these gifts and how to ‘become’ one of the Chosen. Find your path to the Dark Goddess Sisterhood and find your own wild wise Self. So mote it be