BEE HELYGEN is a Priestess of Avalon and Cerridwen, an Awenydd (Inspirer), a Swynwraig™ (Wise Woman), OBOD Ovate (Druidic Healer) as well as a Soul Reader and Midwife.

She is an experienced Ceremonialist and Celebrant, who works both in the Glastonbury Temple and Goddess Healing House as a Priestess and Healer. She welcomes groups of visitors here in Avalon, giving talks and presentations on the Goddess. As a Professional Course Developer she works with Universities across Britain; she creates and teaches workshops, as well as conducting tours and retreats to ancient sites on Her sacred land, both in Avalon and in Wales. In 2015 Bee created a Priestess course for the Goddess Cerridwen, the Dark Mother and Queen of the Underworld of the Avalonian wheel, her tutelary deity, which now runs annually under the aegis of the Goddess Temple.

Bee has trained as Priestess of Avalon and an Emotional Healer with Kathy Jones, and applies these teachings in her daily healing sessions in Goddess House. After a decade of study conducted in Wales, she has reclaimed a healing tradition based on the ancient roots of the Welsh Wise Women, the Swynwragedd. “Our hands, hearts, souls and voices are dedicated channels for Goddess”, according to Bee’s vision of holistic wellness – reconnecting body and soul. As experienced soul ally and midwife she assists at Cardiff Heath hospital with patient care.

Bee and Her Cerridwen Priestesses and Priests also host the monthly Dark Moon ritual at the Goddess Temple, where healing energy is sent into the world.