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Bee Helygen – The Goddess Web


Bee Helygen is the Director of the Temple College of Avalon and holds the Temple of Cerridwen here in Glastonbury town centre. She is a Priestess of Cerridwen and Avalon,  OBOD Ovate (Druidic Healer), Wiccan Elder Priestess. She created and teaches the accredited following courses: Avalon Soul HealingTM, Priestess of Cerridwen Training, in Avalon and OnLine and the Priestess of the Dark Goddess Training. 

She is an experienced Ceremonialist and Celebrant, who works in the Temple of Cerridwen as Priestess and Soul Healer. She welcomes groups of visitors here in Avalon, giving talks and presentations on Goddess, and guides sacred tours on the land. In previous years she was a Ceremonial Priestess for the annual Goddess Conference, and is very proud to support this beautiful event as a presenter this year. 

A teacher by profession and vocation, she creates and facilitates workshops, courses, rituals and ceremonies for Goddess and the community based on her 26 years of practice and research. 

After a decade of research conducted in Wales, she has reclaimed a healing tradition based on the ancient roots of the Welsh Wise Women, the Swynwragedd. “Our hands, hearts, souls and voices are dedicated channels for Goddess”, according to Bee’s vision of holistic wellness – reconnecting body and soul. This is now the Avalon Soul Healing TM.

Bee and Her Cerridwen Priestesses and Priests also host the monthly Dark Moon ritual at the Goddess Temple for the last seven years and since 2018 the annual Witches Memorial Walk, where healing energy is sent into the world and beyond. Priest-esses of Cerridwen are Earth guardians and dragon line protectors. 

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Healing Magic of the Celtic Goddess Cerridwen


In the times of the Celtic people the Healers were chosen from the very young, who showed the aptitude for the Craft. Often at age 5 the children would start to train for 20 years and only finish 20 years later, to graduate as a healer of their tribe. However, that was not the end of their journey….

Most notably it would be the girls who would excel as gifted healers although there were also some male healers.

Wether trained by their own mothers, as Cerridwen trained Creirwy, or if they were fostered away from their homes for many years, never to see their families again, the young women were honoured on their accomplishments in this work. 

Cerridwen is the Brythonic Celtic Goddess of Healing, Herstory tells us about the way She brews Her cauldron to make a special elixir. This tells us that she was a healer, She looked after the people of Her tribe. 

She guides the trainee healers through their journey of learning the efficacy, the magic and the responsibility of becoming an Ovate. 

In this talk I weave the few facts we have about the way the Celtic Healers were trained from a young age, with the legends we hear about their healing powers, to the myths about the healing Priestesses who lived here in Avalon as a legacy of the Ovate caste. Including the way these legacies have been picked up by modern day Druids and Priestesses/Priests.