Becky Johansson is a Priestess of Rhiannon, Daughter of Freya, Reclaiming Witch and an Integrative Psychotherapist. This means she is lucky enough to bring together the love and joy and deep transformational body/energy teachings of Goddess with a grounded knowledge of the psychological and emotional development of human experience.

She is passionate about supporting and empowering people; with whatever choices; work, healing, therapy and recovery they want and need to make for themselves. She feels as humans we need other people to be the reflection, to mirror, to facilitate, to witness, to hold, to weep with and to laugh with. She holds powerful initiatory ceremonies and workshops, as well as supporting people through longer journeys of reflection, self-awareness and awakening.

Becky qualified as a psychotherapist in 2008 and incorporates somatic, bodywork and breath-work into talking therapy and PTSD work. She is also an eco-therapist, taking people outside and working powerfully with nature, both in one to one sessions, as well as with groups. She is an intersectional feminist and is passionate about equality and enabling access to services for oppressed and marginalised people. She works with LGBTQIA, GSRD (Gender, Sexuality and Relationship Diverse) people; she is kink aware (KAP), Poly friendly and sex-positive.

Becky has been Priestess and Ceremonialist several times at both Glastonbury Goddess Conference and the Goddess Conference Australia, as well as running workshops and holding ceremonies through-out the year. She also works as a mentor and teacher.


Instagram: sacred.sculpture