Becky is a Priestess of Rhiannon and Sacred Sexuality. She is passionate about working with love and energy to heal wounding and empower people to find their joy in all areas of their lives! However, particularly with reclaiming their bodies and sexuality as the sacred temple of the Goddess here on Earth. Becky is a teaching assistant on the Priestess of Rhiannon Training in Glastonbury and is launching a sacred sexual healing course in Australia. She has been ceremonialist at both the Glastonbury and Australia Goddess Conferences as well as running workshops and holding ceremonies through-out the year. Becky is also an Integrative Psychotherapist; bringing together offerings of eco and wilderness therapy alongside talking therapies and gentle body work. She specialises in working with people who are awakening spiritually and finding the transition hard, or having an existential crisis. She also does a lot of work with PTSD, and works closely with the LGBTQIA and Poly communities.