Barbara MeikleJohn-Free

Barbara MeikleJohn-Free


Barbara MeikleJohn-Free, is a Celebrity Witch and known as The Highland Seer. She is a High Priestess and author of 10 oracle decks & 6 books to date. She is a hereditary, eclectic and solitary witch who was initiated into the Craft when she was just 16 years old. Barbara is a bestselling, award-wining author, teacher, advocate and protector of the great Earth-centred traditions. She has taught mediumship, trans-mediumship and shamanism at Arthur Findlay College, Edinburgh College and the College of Psychic Studies, London. Barbara draws on her extensive work with indigenous cultures from around the world, and weaves this together with a deep understanding and wisdom of the ancient landscape of her own Pagan heritage. She hosts rites, rituals and ceremonies across the world and is considered the UK’s best-loved custodian of ancient ways.





Now is the time to activate the Crone archetypal wisdom by awakening the calling of your soul’s knowing of ancient wisdom. 

Hidden deep within lies an inner knowing and intuition that shows you how to reclaim the Crone’s primordial awareness. Time to harness the power within each of us. 

When we begin to trust our inner feminine crone way of knowing, our authentic self,  a sense of self and life purpose returns to awaken the wisdom of the tribal matriarchs within our bloodlines, since the Neolithic times. 

Accessing the crone’s divine feminine power heightens an awareness of human nature and insight to help and assist others.  

As you grow and mature, listening to your wise, counsel, you feel the forces of the sacred wisdom from within becoming a force of your power and maturity. You know more, see more to live within a understanding of the crone at any age. 

Barbara’s fist encountered with the old woman (The Calleach) at the age of 5 when the Divine Hag sat on her bed and gave her wise counsel. When she was 9 years old she went and lived with her grandmother Winnie who taught her about the cunning woman. Throughout her travels around the world Barbara has encountered many wise women who she sought council with. These included Grandmother Jean of the Cherokee nation, Mary Summer Rain, her sun dance teacher, Fenny Lipscomb, her drum teacher and Nioma her medicine teacher from the big island of Hawaii