Ariel Spilsbury

Ariel Spilsbury


Ariel Spilsbury is the founder of the 13 Moon Mystery School and The Sanctuary of the Open Heart, dedicated to accessing the wisdom of the Sacred Feminine within each of us! The intention of The Sanctuary of the Open Heart is to uplift and transform collective consciousness. As planetary midwives, we join in unified service to unconditional Love and heart centered awareness. Our primary practice is to be living embodiments of divine principles, direct knowledge, and the wisdom that arises through full attention to the present moment! Our focus is on the mythic and archetypal aspects of our Essential Selves.


Ariel Spilsbury has had a life of eighty years devoted to the honoring of the Divine Feminine. That has taken many forms. She is a planetary midwife and Priestess of the Goddess. Her passion is participating in the conscious evolution of this planet and all its inhabitants. This takes the form of traveling to share the wisdom of the Divine Feminine around the globe, which she has done for over forty years. This teaching has been offered through writing books, ceremonial initiation, sacred theater presentations, and maintaining a lifelong temple for the Goddess. Ariel is a cheerleader for consciousness, ceremonialist and consciousness initiator. She presently offers mentoring, spiritual counseling services and various events and trainings with the intention of planetary awakening. She offers Initiation into the Mysteries of the Divine Feminine, through her self initiating curriculums, in the books she has written:


  • The Mayan Oracle
  • The Alchemy of Ecstasy: Initiates Guide to the Goddess’ Mysteries
  • The 13 Moon Oracle
  • 13 Moon Oracle: Finding Guidance From Within
  • Gaia’s New DreamCoat: A Faerie Guide to Gaia’s Greening


Ariel’s present focus in consciousness is building the Sanctuary of the Open Heart to physically ground the 13 Moon Mystery School in the San Francisco bay area, as a template of a new, balanced paradigm. The Sanctuary of the Open Heart is a non-profit organization whose vision it is to honor Unity Consciousness through the lens of the Divine Feminine. Earth is now entering a higher patterning and spiral of human evolution, one that honors the wisdom of both males and females equally. It is our intention to bring forward the ancient-future ways of the Sacred Feminine, to co-create in Unity consciousness. If the simple words and descriptions of the Sanctuary, that you will read on the Sanctuary website, touch your heart and resonate as part of your journey, please respond to our heart-felt invitation to joyfully make this Sanctuary a living reality!

Ariel is presently embodying the Wise Woman Crone archetype where a sense of humor becomes a primary Priestess tool of which you get a taste in her photo!


Follow the link below to enjoy an interactive journey/map through our present plans for the realization of building this Sanctuary!



NOTE: Ariel Spilsbury’s in-person Goddess Conference contribution is pre-recorded.


Humor as Consciousness Lubricant for Tight Times with the Cranky Crone.. Ariel Spilsbury

What the Crone knows is that through the eyes of wisdom, there is actually nowhere to go, nothing to become.. that spiritual evolution actually has to do with lightening up and being more present in your life! During this offering, I intend to make you laugh out loud a lot and to question the constructs and beliefs that you have taken so seriously up until now! Like questioning why we bought the program that the process of being enlightened had to be a dowerly serious business, an uphill struggle? When humor is actually the hallmark of higher consciousness and in that, you are naturally a Wisdom Keeper! Discovering what Wisdom you are the Keeper of, is a fun part of the journey, and then living from that inspired place to be of service to Life! Come enjoy this light hearted offering with Ariel!