Anneli Lähdetär

Anneli Lähdetär


Anneli Lähdetär, is a Finnish-American musician and Priestess of Goddess now living in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, who loves sharing the sacred potential of music.  Over the years, she has performed different genres of music that she brings into her singing, including classical madrigals, Bulgarian and Slavic folk music, and American indie rock.  Anneli now writes devotional music for Goddess in her free time and released her first album, Chalice of Avalon, in 2021.  She sings and plays different instruments as part of this work, including an ethereal Finnish plucked zither called a kantele.



In addition to music, Anneli is one of the weavers of the Goddess in Oxford (Oxford Goddess Temple) group, organising pop-up Temples and Goddess celebration days in the growing Oxfordshire Goddess community.




Fringe Event

Dreaming with the Otherworld Crone


In ancient times, tribal shamankas and shamans used dream states to hear the messages of the Gods. Between sleeping and dreaming emerge the states of dreaming and liminal trance – these are potent magical times in which we are close to the Otherworld. Without our conscious rational mind interfering, we are sensitive and more open to divine inspiration.

You will spend a full night Sacred Dreaming in a dedicated space, held by Dream Priestesses. Let yourself relax into the Goddess’s arms, and hear the messages She whispers to you. 

We will prepare for our journey with a sharing circle, Dream Goddess stories, and a sacred sound journey, preparing you to meet Goddess while traveling through the Upper, Lower, and Middle Worlds. Near midnight, you will be guided into a deep meditative state, which will phase into sacred dreaming.

Dream Priestesses will hold the sacred space throughout the night, weaving the Dreaming Temple in which you will receive your messages and blessings. In the morning, a guided journey will help you reconnect with the essence of your dreams, and you will have time to reflect and journal, before we share breakfast and talk about our experiences.


Please bring food to share for breakfast, a journal and pen, an item for the Dream Altar, comfortable clothes to sleep in, something to lie on and under (sheepskins, blankets, and cushions will be present in the space), any medication and toiletries you need. There are a kitchen and limited washing facilities available.