Annabel Hollis

Annabel Hollis


Surrender to the power of touch this Goddess Conference with Annabel Hollis

 I’ve been a qualified massage therapist since 2006 working from home, clinics and retreat centres locally and nationally. I love this work, and happily work with both men and women.

In my holistic treatments I incorporate deep tissue techniques alongside stretches, rocking and passive movements depending on individual need. The way I work deeply addresses the physical body whilst also being highly attuned to the more subtle energies

I’ve successfully worked with chronic conditions including headaches, migraines, frozen shoulder, fibromyalgia and lower back pain. Massage is also highly beneficial for difficult emotional states such as anxiety and depression. I use a unique combination of strength, gentleness and sensitivity. Deeply honouring both the physical and the spiritual dimension is integral to my approach both in work and life.

I’m offering one hour, one and a half hour and two hour treatments focusing on specific areas/full body. I’m looking forward to meeting you.


I’ve keep returning to Annabel for massages. She creates such a nurturing, relaxing experience tailored exactly to what you need at the time. Georgina Anstey

I appreciate the depth of understanding as well as touch in Annabel’s work. I find Annabel listens carefully to feedback from me, and my body, and her massages have helped release tension I hold physically and emotionally. Really beneficial! Emily

“When I visit Annabel for a massage I feel in safe hands; she creates a space where both my body and mind can drop into a state of deep relaxation. Her treatments are an absolute lifesaver to counteract the effects of computer-based work; yet are also a wonderful way to maintain a sense of well-being.” – Lucy Chan

Treatments I will be offering; Half, one, one and a half, two hour treatments. Full body or specific focus on particular areas such as upper (head, neck, shoulders, back); lower (hips, legs, feet). Whatever best suits the individual concerned.