Annabel Hollis

I’ve been a qualified massage therapist since 2006 working from home and in clinics, both in Stroud and Bristol. My training in Therapeutic Massage was over 2 years. Before this I worked as a nurse for 11 years working in a variety of settings including a hospice and an anthroposophical clinic.
In 2013 I completed a one year training in “No Hands” massage which beautifully compliments my hands on work. This exciting new approach uses the soft part of the forearm with falling body weight to create profound, transformational release.(see
A massage will bring your body the rest and recuperation that it needs reducing stress related symptoms and bringing you greater health. Loving touch will enhance your well-being and bring a deeper sense of aliveness and enjoyment of life. The way I work deeply addresses the physical body whilst also being attuned to the more subtle energies. I use a unique combination of strength, gentleness and sensitivity.
I have successfully worked with chronic conditions including headaches, migraines, frozen shoulder, fibromyalgia and lower back pain. Massage is also highly beneficial for difficult emotional states such as anxiety and depression. I offer a variety of treatments which can include Indian Head Massage and abdominal massage.
I’m passionate about the human body, and am committed to more fully inhabiting my own, as well as facilitating this in others. Honouring the spiritual dimension is integral to my approach both in work and life.
I also spent about 8 years working at the Cotswold Health Centre in Stroud, see,  but now work mainly from my home in central Stroud.

I have also practised  at the following retreats; (Summer retreats)
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