Ann Brigit Waters

Ann Brigit Waters


Ann Brigit Waters is a social activist, a Pantheist and Priestess of Isis and Brigit in the Fellowship of Isis, honoring the Divine Feminine in Her 10,00 names. Myth and Traditional cultures guide her work, the images of Ancient Circles. A devoted Magdalena. Producing hundreds of seasonal pageants, rituals and over 30 Winter Solstice celebrations in many decades has been her great work, while gathering up to 200 locals together to dance the spiral dance and find community in candles and song. Playwright of “The Awakening” Masked performance for Climate Change (2013), using 22 Goddess masks crafted by Lauren Raine. Ann has traveled the world and led sacred journeys to Crete and Greece, Ireland and France. Climate, Anti-war and Social Justice Activism experience will guide this presentation. Ann is a practicing herbalist, Celtic designer, and the author of “Spirit of the Grange, The Wisdom of Demeter”(2016), as well as a forthcoming book – “Community Ceremonies and Seasonal Celebrations.”



Sacred Activism Presentation: The Sacred and the Sustainable”

Ann Brigit Waters has been a Pagan and community activist for 50 years, finding fulfillment in the work of creating a bright future from the shards of our dying patriarchy and dominator culture. What is Sacred is loved and cared for. Our Living Earth is sacred, All Beings are sacred. We take action with devotion to our Mother. That is sacred activism, that is what it is.

The Divine Feminine is Rising, and we Pagans, Pantheists and Priestesses have unique skills and offerings to make to our communities and the human world, as well as all of Nature. No matter our titles or practices, we in this room understand fully the connection of all things. Our personal and circle work of spiritual and magical practices bring attention, intention, will to
empower our sacred activism in the wider world. We must also empower a community of others to learn and activate in the same ‘knowing’ that All is sacred, all of Nature is worthy of attention, love and activism for regeneration and a sustainable future.

Nothing and no one can be set aside in this time of chaos and uncertainty. Let us restore the balance within and without. Weave
together with unspoken yet strong threads of the divine. We are weaving our magic, we are weaving our power, we are weaving our love!