ANGIE TWYDALL  is a birther of visions and dreams. Creator of the Blessed Bee products, teacher of the Priestess Healer course, Facilitator for Sacred Bee Keeping Intensive training and an International Teacher trainer for Womb Awakening.

Called by the Moon, allured by wildness and raw beauty Angie shamanically guides clients and groups along the lunar dream paths to healing. Combining womb yoga, somatic release and sounding Angie holds hands as a spiritual mentor and mulit-dimensional healer. She runs retreats, trainings and workshops on-line and in person.

Angie’s passion of healing has taken her on a personal deep descent to the underworld and into Shadow sister wounding. She teaches what she experiences, and takes you deep. Let’s celebrate all that you are, and all yet to come!

Her life’s work is taking Goddess into people’s hearts and homes; – training Priestess Healers, Sacred Bee Keepers, Womb Priestesses and new for 2018 setting up a Goddess Sanctuary abroad, writing a Bee novel and producing a Bee Oracle Deck.

She is delighted to be part of the Ceremonial group for Goddess Conference this year.