Angie Twydall

Angie Twydall


Angie Twydall – Mumma, Nanna, Sister, friend, wife, Womb Trauma therapist, Priestess Healer, Yoga Teacher, Sacred Bee Priestess and hands on Womb Witch. Her work began in healing therapies and has grown into worldwide facilitator retreats, Priestess teachings and a year long online Shamanic Way of the Womb Apprenticeship.


Devoted to womb-work, her hands on therapies have supported hundreds of women. She now teaches her own range of womb CPD courses to other therapists, rippling out into the world.



A creatrix and aromatherapist she blends her own anointing oils, energy sprays and yoni steam herbs – all inspired by the many faces of the Goddess.


Celebrating Her in all her ways, Goddess Conference is a focal point of her year – as a Priestess Ceremonialist and workshop facilitator, weaving her womb work and healing in service to all.




Goddess inspired energy sprays, anointing oils, yoni steam herbs

Womb healing treatments, CPD courses,Teacher trainings, retreats and workshops – helping to heal the world one womb at a time


The Lineage of the Priestess Healer


Through time women have been healers, working in their communities and families.  Angie Twydall shares her passion for women who were pioneers, and carried on despite religious and political pressures.  We will reflect on the timeless strength and resilience of women throughout herstory. From ancient times, women have been the healers, nurturing their communities and families with boundless love and compassion.

Angie Twydall is a  passionate advocate for the pioneering women who fearlessly carried on their healing work.


Have you ever wondered what Goddess Healing is all about?


How can you walk the sacred path of a Priestess Healer? 


Join us in an enlightening workshop where Angie will share her personal healing journey intertwined with the deities and archetypes found on the Healing Wheel of Goddess.


Throughout this workshop, Angie will demonstrate the practicalities of a Goddess Healing session. You’ll gain invaluable insights into connecting with your inner divine feminine energy and harnessing its power to facilitate healing in yourself and others.


Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock your true potential as a healer. Embrace your calling as a Priestess Healer and let Angie guide you along this enchanting path towards self-discovery and empowerment.


Remember, you have within you an innate ability to heal and make a positive impact. Let Angie’s wisdom inspire you as she sheds light on the sacred art of Goddess Healing.