Angelica Lady Gaia Dawson is a bardic singer-songwriter from Austria with partly British roots. She is a Priestess of the Goddess ordained by Zsuzsanna Budapest. Her shamanic skills were honed learning from Z. as well as from Luisa Francia and Wai Turoa Morgan, a Matakite (seer, shaman) from New Zealand. Angelica is interpreter in shamanic workshops and has translated important works from Z. Budapest (Grandmother Moon, Goddess in the Bedroom, Goddess in the Office) and Ffiona Morgan (Daughters of the Moon Tarot) from English into German. As a dancer she studies Hawaiian Hula with Roselle Keli’i Honipua Bailey, a Kumu Hula from Hawai’i and is part of the Austrian Halau “Hula Mai Na Pua Me Mapuana”. And she loves Sacred Circle Dances.