At the age of 28 I started my spiritual path when I met for the first time my guru, Herakhan Babaji, the immortal yogi mentioned in “Autobiography of a Yogi”, by Paramhansa Yogananda.
Since then my life has changed. I left everything behind, I was young and yet very active professionally, having recently founded a company with my close friend in the field of tourism. However, I left my company, I left my hometown and all my friends and family, since I decided to dedicate my life to Babaji. So I went to live in the ashram, which has been my school of life for over 13 years.
During that time I met many among the most famous international spiritual masters, and among all of them there‘s Hernan Huarache Mamani, who again, as Babaji did many years earlier, literally changed my life.
Actually I had become very interested in enhancing my Shakti – the feminine power, after my experiences with the men from the south of Italy with whom I wasn‘t on the same wave length and most of all after my relationship with the man that was supposedly the love of my life, that I had to leave because I realised that I couldn‘t grow spiritually and more than ever express my powerful feminine energy being with him. He was the typical man from the south of Italy, where the family, especially his mum, is the centre of the universe!
With Mamani I made the second most important shift of consciousness and I decided to leave my spiritual family, the Babaji devotees, in order to explore my true nature and to become a Shakti.
Mamani left his body two years ago and I feel to be so fortunate to have met him on my way. He introduced me to the path of women becoming aware of their power, proper Shaktis, or awakened women. He was a Quechua shaman born in Chivay, a village in the Peruvian Andes, who became famous in Italy as a novelist after he wrote his first best seller “The Prophecy of the Curandera”.
Actually this is something I have always been interested in, in fact since I was a young girl I was very interested in knowing where I come from, so I asked both to my mum and my aunt about my grandmother, who I never met since she died when my mum was a young girl. She was kidnapped and forced to marry one of the brothers of the girl with whom her own brother had a love affair with, but then subsequently left her. Eventually he merry the girl, as they agreed in order to liberate mygrandmother.
I won‘t tell all my life story here, but for sure I realised how important it is to know our lineage. After some years I had a vivid dream about past lives in which my present work on self liberation had cleared the karmic patterns of oppression and I also became aware that in this journey of self discovery I had liberated all the Women of my lineage!
The Pizzica dance, that takes its name from the dialect “pizzicare” that means to bite, where the elders say that women who worked the fields for tobacco harvest were bitten by a legendary spider “the tarantola”, and driven crazy. I like to call it “Dance of the Soul”, a trance dance that women until not so long ago used to dance in my homeland in order to heal from the social malaise of excessive patriarchal control. Through specific music, breathing and certain movements, the energy centers vibrate in the dancing body.
I now organise “Pizzica Pizzica” workshops, a form of “Tarantella” from Salento, that is particularly engaging and effective dance so much so as to be always considered dance therapy. Thus we enter into very meditative dimensions, where tensions, stress and contractions relax, the organs are oxygenated and the mind relaxes.
“Pizzica Pizzica” is in my blood since I was a child. We grew up listening to our grandparents playing and dancing it. It is the most extraordinary effective healing dance. So much so as to be always considered dance therapy.
I now lead workshops suitable for anyone who wants to feel good, feel better, or start to understand and explore the secret parts of themselves. Through specific music, breathing and certain movements, the energy centers will vibrate in the dancing body.
I also offer “Healing retreats” in the energy sites of Italy to discover the ancient myths and legends connected to the land.
For three years now the next step in my evolution was to express my sexual energy, that is awakening in me. I decided that I needed to find a way to direct it with a healing purpose.
I studied at Tantric Journey School of Enlightenment and Awakening to become a Tantric therapist. Actually, I give healing tantric sessions that consist of deep emotional detox of emotions and traumas that are stuck in the body. This is the a faster way to release past memory locked in the tissues of the body, than talking therapies that could last an entire lifetime.
Recently I listened to the call of Rhiannon and I began Her path which embraces the ways of women who honour life, the Goddess, the land and the sacred core essence in women, as well as in men. This is a feminine path of self care and love, beauty and sacred sexuality. The reclaiming and awakening of the sacred sexual Priestess.
I have always been grateful to my master Babaji, who in a way led me along this path, including here to my new home in Glastonbury, where I feel I belong and have ancient roots, and where I am now re-united with Babajis family after many years. I realise that all along, he himself, was both male and female as an embodiment of the eternal dancer.