Allie McFee – The Goddess Web

Allie McFee – The Goddess Web


Numana Joy aka Allie McFee is a Women’s Health Educator and Womb Priestess. She is the founder of The Womb Health Practitioner Training through Womb Health Academy™ an immersive Womb Healing and business training for spiritual, female entrepreneurs. 

Numana has thousands of hours trained in somatic trauma informed space-holding, women’s leadership, womb healing rituals and natural hormone balance methods. She is the founder of Modern Goddess Lifestyle.



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Womb Nutrition– Eat for the 4 seasons of the menstrual cycle and cycles of womanhood for hormonal wellness, vitality and longevity. Learn recipes, elixirs, and rituals to nourish each phase.


In this online cooking class, Priestess and Chef, Numana (Allie McFee), will take you on a journey of understanding the relationship of your changing hormones and food cravings and how to embody more of your Priestess-Self in the kitchen with Ritual + Spells to support your body-temple.