Ali Harrison & Ann Staniland

Ali Harrison & Ann Staniland


Ali Harrison & Ann Staniland, have been lifelong advocates of the healing and connecting practices of embodied movement, and music. Together they hold the priestess training in the Sheffield Goddess Temple. They have both been students of Gabrielle Roth’s Five Rhythms, and the practice of Movement Medicine for many years. Ann organises ‘Dancing in the City’ bringing varied forms of ecstatic dance to the community there. Speaking of her practice Ann says ‘Dance sets me free to find home within myself and to open myself up to the mystery. Dance is my path of love and devotion to the Goddess.’ 


Ali has trained in transpersonal and body psychotherapy; she uses movement practices to compliment her clinical work. She has used dance throughout her own life to explore deeper levels of consciousness by tapping into the wisdom of her body in authentic movement. 




The Gifts of the Dancing Maiden


This is an early morning embodied movement practice to explore the hidden treasures of your Inner Maiden Self. Each day we will explore and reclaim one of the alchemical gifts of the Maiden Goddess; working with the light and shadow quality of the Mirror, the Apple, the Knife, the Chalice to find your Sacred Essence.


You are invited to all 5 mornings to experience the whole journey, or to dip in to find a single treasure. Our time together is open to all participants whatever your gender identification, it is our experience that the Divine Feminine energy can be deeply healing to many aspects of the masculine as well as feminine wounding.


This offering requires no dance experience, moving to music is a beautiful and liberating form of devotion and self-expression, and is a wonderful way to start your day. Just come as you are, you will be very welcome!