Alastair Newing  has a lifelong passion for history and an emphasis on what is still known as pre-history. He has explored many ancient and sacred sites through the whole of the UK and beyond.  He has been participating in contemporary ceremony and ritual for more than a decade often through men’s green man sweatlodge and celebration of our abundant Mother Earth and her gifts manifested through all life.

Over the past five years Alastair has been focusing more and more on the creation of meaningful ceremony. This is inspired by and rooted in the intuitively felt spiritual ancestral heritage of our own British Isles and shaped by the significant structures left to us by our ancient peoples and the natural landscapes in which these sacred places lie. In these places we can choose to seek out and imagine the lives they led and beliefs they may well have held.   We can express and celebrate through ceremony and ritual in our own times bringing ourselves into deeper connection with one another and feeling a connection with our ancient ancestors.