Aja Marneweck – The Goddess Web

Aja Marneweck – The Goddess Web


Aja Marneweck (PhD) is a puppetry and animism practitioner, educator and healer who lives and works in Cape Town South Africa.  Aja works with puppetry in its many possibilities and unique approaches to ritual and healing practices, engaging the ecological, energetic and material potential that they offer feminine creative spiritual practices today.  Also known as Gogo Amma Mshwati, Aja is a registered and qualified Sangoma (traditional healer and diviner) in the Makhosi, Nguni, Mandau and Isithunye lineages, trained by Mpande elder Gogo Nomzimane Dlamini.  Aja combines her lifelong devotion to Goddess in every aspect of her healing work.

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Daughters of the Healing Spirits; Daughters of the Healing Waters


A 25 minute pre-recorded online prayer and ritual presentation created collaboratively by Aja Marneweck, Makgathi Mokwena and Rah Nomvula Busby (as well as other healers and priestesses) in the beautiful landscapes of Cape Town South Africa.