08:00 - 08:30

Morning Practice: Vocal Bliss Morning Ritual with Karan

  • Karan Troubadoura  

Treat your body, soul and voice to a pleasant start of the day! We will receive the blessings of the Tribal Star Queen in a morning ritual of gentle body work, toning and chanting from the heart,including chants created especially for this year’s Goddess Conference. People of all ages and abilities are welcome, including those who think they "can't sing" but would love to. Come as tired as you are, and leave invigorated, inspired and blessed!

08:30 - 09:30

Yoga by Donna Gerrard

09:30 - 09:50

Opening and Daily practices

31st Jul : MORNING 20-45 mins pre-recorded talks
Always Available -

Luminary Leaderful Star Queens

  • Dr Lynne Sedgmore  

Lynne will share her experience and understanding of an exciting way of manifesting Star Queen through the Luminary path. A healthy form of manifesting leadership is one that balances and integrates both our unique individual autonomous Star Queen and our collective cosmic Star Queen. This involves shining our own Sovereignty brilliance within the interconnectedness of everyone else’s Sovereignty so that together we are Leaderful and liberate/ birth the magnificence, fullest potential and brightest shining of everyone involved. Together as Luminary Leaderful Star Queens we can light up the firmament and brighten the earth.

Always Available -


  • Sharon Blackie  

In the ancient traditions of Europe, the anima mundi – the soul of the world, which animates the entire cosmos – was envisioned as female, and represented as a woman. In the native traditions of Britain and Ireland, we see the anima mundi personified as the divine woman who bears the moral authority of the Otherworld, who mediates the connection between people and the land, and who maintains the cosmic balance. How do these myths and stories inspire us as women today, in an ever-more-challenged, and ever-more-challenging, world?

Always Available -

Donna Henes

  • Donna Henes  

11:00 -

Coffee and Tea Break

Always Available -

Queen Guinevere and a Journey to the Stars A Crowning Ceremony

  • Jennifer Sundeen  

Since time immemorial, Goddess was the epicenter of human life. Long before recorded history, the Great Mother reigned over three realms: As the unseen mysteries and wisdom of the Innerworld, as the sacred body of the Earth, and as the celestial light of the Heavens. The ancient rite of the crowned King marrying the Goddess Queen is testimony to this reverence, which has been passed down to us through the ages in poetry, music, song, dance, storytelling, and in the traditions of the seasonal turning of the wheel. Over the past few millennia, these myths and legends of the Goddess have been banished to the shadows and replaced by Patriarchal representations of the masculine through stories of gods, kings, heroes, warriors and knights. Yet all is not lost, for as we sift through the layers of both ancient and modern literature, an older Truth emerges: The Great Mother has never left us, and we see her underneath the surface, alive and ever-present. Through this lens, the story of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table unveils Queen Guinevere in her enduring role as Sovereign of the Realms. The archetype of Guinevere the Wise Woman reawakens our inner mysteries of healer, priestess, protector and lover. Guinevere as Sovereign Queen reminds us to take care of our sacred Earth-bodies. Guinevere Queen of the Heavens places a crown of STARS upon our heads, a symbol of the divine light that dances in all things manifest, and of our sacred connection to that light. It is imperative that we revive the Matriarch and rewrite HERstory. Join us for this ninety-minute on-line Queen Guinevere Celebration. Allow Her to guide us in discovering ~ and Crowning ~ ourselves as Sovereign Goddess of the Inner Mysteries, of the sacred Earth-body, and as Heavenly Queen of the Stars. Our time together will include: 👑 An exploration of the myths and legends of Queen Guinevere as the Triple Goddess 👑 A movement/invocation to reawaken the Great Mother energies on our planet 👑 A guided journey to meet the Sovereign Queen within ourselves 👑 Altar-work for creating sacred connection 👑 Rituals and for nourishing, protecting and empowering our Inner and Outer Realms 👑 A community Crowning ceremony!

Always Available -

Teresa Billowus

12:30 -

Tribal Sing and gathering for ‘A Song-wheel of starry love’

  • Yvette Staelens  

Join our conference Tribal Sing and gathering for ‘A Song-wheel of starry love’ led by Yvette Staelens. Open your heart and voice and let the light of our Star Queen Goddess shine on our sharing. A chance for us to all be together in love and gratitude and to feel the bliss of connecting through the beat of our heartsong.

13:15 -

Lunch Break

31st Jul : AFTERNOON 2.5 hours Workshops

Teresa Billowus/Helen


Shadow chasing your dark side-Lilith in your birth chart

  • Georgina Sirret-Armstrong-Smith  

Shadow chasing your dark side-Lilith in your birth chart Whatever your shame ,faults or disappointments in yourself or what guilt you have been made to feel , embrace your inner Lilith. Wherever there is light there is always shadow and visa versa. Looking at Herstory of Lilith and where she is on your chart, you can learn to manage your shadow. Through meditation, personal sharing and creating your own Lilith. Sharing during the workshop is highly confidential. Limited places birth detail must be given in advanced of workshop


‘Stars and Stones’ – a harmony singing workshop for all abilities

  • Yvette Staelens  

Come, learn and share songs that uplift us and celebrate our connections with our Star Queen Goddess, her sacred sites and the cosmos. All songs taught aurally, no need to read music, words available too.


Your Magic Realm

  • Manon Tromp  

A workshop exploring your magical abilities from the perspective of your royal star being and by using your voice. Reclaim the Queen or King of your being and start to manifest your reality. Step into your spiritual leadership and let magic happen. The sky is the limit they say but we will go beyond that and use the stars and planets to weave our spells and sing them to the spirits. Your magic realm awaits you! No need for any experience with singing, it is about the sound of your beautiful voice to connect with the universe so she can hear you. This workshop will be presented in person. 

17:00 -


31st Jul : Evening
19:30 -