Saturday 3 August


Saturday 3 August

Her Healing Earth


Location: Town Hall

Location: Town Hall

Location: Town Hall

Talk: Inspired by my Healing Womb art installation, in this presentation I’ll be exploring the four stages of the healing journey, working with Hecate (Mother of Loss), Lilith (Mother of Solitude), Brigit (Mother of Healing) and Kuan Yin (Mother of Compassion).

As I explore the symbolism in each painting, I’ll be diving into the myths, archetypal and elemental energies of these four goddesses, as they guide us on our journey through the four stages of healing.

Earth – surrendering our wounding, loss and grief. Air – harnessing our inner warrior as we journey alone through the wilderness. Fire – alchemising our shadow wounding into our light of gnosis. Water – returning to a place of compassion for ourselves and others, sharing our gnosis in the world.

During this presentation, I’ll be weaving in stories from my own healing journey from childhood trauma, suicidal depression, addiction and mothering three children, two of whom were born with life-threatening syndromes, whom I’ve nursed through twenty operations, as well as my professional experience working as a healer and transpersonal therapist since 2006.

Location: Town Hall

Talk: Honoring your First Blood

In indigenous tradition, ritual for coming into your womanhood is a vital aspect of your mystery teachings and grounding in the deep Feminine. Brooke will be speak of the importance of such loving support from your female lineage, and how important it is to revisit that crucial moment for healing.

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Location: Town Hall

Talk: Healing Relationships -How to recognise the hand of the Goddess in our relationship dynamics- 

Healing Relationships are a special kind of magic. A gift of grace from the Goddess of Healing Herself.

To be able to enter a healing relationship can be a hero’s journey, involving both courage to know ourselves deeply, to rescue our easeful innocence and to do what it takes to restore our boundaried trust, from beneath the debris of disappointment, hurt, betrayal, lack and failure.

No matter what our ‘wounding relationships’ may have been like, we also all have the potential and grace of experiencing ‘healing relationships’ in our lives. The Maiden Goddess helps us to explore healing the first relationship we have: the relationship with our self. From here, we can begin to enquire how we can be guided by the ‘white hands of the Goddess’ to heal our outer relationship dynamics.

How do we recognise these gifts of the Goddess of Healing, that may give us a new blueprint for meeting others, both in intimate- and every day- relating, from a wounding-free place? And what can we learn from Her mythology around how to be in healing relationship with each other and the world.

We will look at how our personal relationship to the Goddess of Healing can be an antidote to past experiences and a medicine of Love for the building of new, healthy ways in which we show up as humans in relationships.

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Location: Town Hall

Performance: Spoken Word on the theme of this year’s Conference by the Bard of Glastonbury.

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Location: Town Hall

Performance: Kirtan performance, singing Vedic mantras together with Lilavati!

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Location: Town Hall



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Workshop: Healing Magic of the Celtic Goddess Cerridwen

In the times of the Celtic people the Healers were chosen from the very young, who showed the aptitude for the Craft. Often at age 5 the children would start to train for 20 years and only finish 20 years later, to graduate as a healer of their tribe. However, that was not the end of their journey….

Most notably it would be the girls who would excel as gifted healers although there were also some male healers.

Wether trained by their own mothers, as Cerridwen trained Creirwy, or if they were fostered away from their homes for many years, never to see their families again, the young women were honoured on their accomplishments in this work. 

Cerridwen is the Brythonic Celtic Goddess of Healing, Herstory tells us about the way She brews Her cauldron to make a special elixir. This tells us that she was a healer, She looked after the people of Her tribe. 

She guides the trainee healers through their journey of learning the efficacy, the magic and the responsibility of becoming an Ovate. 

In this workshop I weave the few facts we have about the way the Celtic Healers were trained from a young age, with the legends we hear about their healing powers, to the myths about the healing Priestesses who lived here in Avalon as a legacy of the Ovate caste. Including the way these legacies have been picked up by modern day Druids and Priestesses/Priests. 

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Workshop: Indigenous Menarche Initiation
Brooke will offer teachings about this special rite given to us by White Buffalo Calf Woman 20 generations ago. Then you will be taken through this initiation – an important experience for your current knowledge, yet more importantly, vital to go back in time and re-ground yourself in honoring you as a womb-an and also honoring your moon / menstrual time. This monthly time is powerful not only physically, but spiritually as well. Join me for this special ceremony. 

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Workshop: Queering Your Magickal Practice, Create Your Own Rite of Passage Ritual

The dominant overculture celebrates a few notable rites of passage, most of them related to milestones of age, academics, relationships, and careers. These rites of passage are largely celebratory in nature, but ritualizing rites of passage in the context of our magickal practice can serve even deeper functions. They can move us forward, with courage and confidence, into something new; help us leave behind that which no longer serves our greatest good; affirm our identities; and deepen our spiritual connections with ourselves and the most important people in our lives. In this interactive workshop, we will explore different types of rites of passage, the building blocks of a rite of passage ritual, ways to make your ritual unique and deeply meaningful within your own personal magickal context, and tips and tricks for collaborating with groups. Through guided meditation followed by journaling prompts, each participant will leave the workshop with everything they need to create an initial draft of a rite of passage ritual. Please bring paper and a writing utensil (or a laptop or tablet) for journaling.

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Workshop: The Healing Path of the Labyrinth

When we enter the ancient pathway of the Labyrinth magic happens… It can feel like entering a sacred healing space, a time portal, a liminal space between spaces. 

Walking the Labyrinth can be deeply transformational and gift us deep healing, wisdom and renewal on many levels. 

In this healing workshop, Priestess of the Labyrinth, Lina Spyrou will guide you on an inner pilgrimage walking the Goddess Peace Labyrinth. You will enjoy Guided Journeying, Ceremonial Labyrinth Walking, Sacred Sound and Movement. 

(Please note you will need to bring a clean pair of socks for walking the canvas Labyrinth.) 

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Workshop: The Power of Goddess Presence and Activism: Healing Climate Anxiety

This workshop will support conference participants to face important issues and offer practical ways of dissolving and coping with climate peril and climate anxiety, steeped in Goddess Presence and activism.


Everyone is affected by the impact of climate peril. We see many aspects of climate change all around us, everyday. Many of us are deeply affected by climate anxiety, especially our young people. Join me to explore how we can draw on Goddess presence to calm and heal our anxiety and move into right action and powerful activism. 


Together, we will reclaim our calmness and our strength drawing on my exciting new book Presence Activism : A Profound Antidote to Climate Anxiety, and two innovative processes for alleviating anxiety, the Presence Flower and the Anxiety Flower. We will gain the strength and clarity to be effective Presence Activists in the world. You will leave blessed and feel better equipped to cope with climate anxiety and climate peril, especially in relation to young people.

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Location: outside

Workshop: Brigid in Avalon

Brigid is very present in Glastonbury-Avalon, as Goddess, Saint and through Her Priest/esxes! Today Marion will take you on a walk to Brides Mound and Bride’s Well, to experience Her presence her in the landscape, by sharing myths and legends, ceremony and songs!

The walk will take 2 hours and needs sturdy footwear and appropriate clothing for the weather of the day. Start in front of the Town Hall!

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Workshop: Alchemical Movement Ritual

Transformative dance ceremony where all bodies, humans, genders, and cultures are welcome. The space is created with the intention to shift, release, and ignite. Enter the space one way and leave illuminated. This ritual includes meditation, sound healing, breath work, movement, energy clearing, womb wisdom, journal reflection, and group sharing. 

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Workshop: Be the medicine yourself! Workshop on healing the wounds of the medicine women.

During the last two millennia feminine power has been rejected, neglected, sexual energy declared dangerous, wisdom and medicine women have been demonised, hunted, tortured, eliminated and later ridiculed. By now we suppose we women are to fix everything, heal the world. And doing so we simply strain ourselves. We overwork, overstudy and tend to overdo everything. As if it was all our fault…and well yes, it was told to be so. We are Eve’s daughters, witches, sinners and what else not? If you feel it is time to heal your wounds, find your medicine, this workshop offers you an immersion in the ancient medicine women of the White, Red, Green and Golden paths. We are going to work in a ritual based way. Come and find out what your medicine is. 

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Workshop: Healing Our Stories

Dreams are our personal myth and myths are our collective dream. So…Once, long ago and even now…we may take our inner child by the hand, wrap her warm and snug in a little red coat and tell her this story. 

”One day , when we grow up,  we will live new myths where slayed dragons are re born, burnt witches arise from the ashes, temples of the Goddess are rebuilt, Salome retrieves her seven veils, Mary Magdalene is  redeemed and we will be resurrected from the Underworld over and over until we are beautiful. Then we will raise the sword of fire so we may freely return to Eves garden! ”

Inner child is very excited ….bring her along (and any wounded stories that need healing ) to become a story-healer.

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Location: Town Hall

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All information is subject to change as the organisers see fit or circumstances dictate. Some of the talks are pre-recorded.