We take you on a transformative journey of activation and initiation

Brigantia Mother of Avalon and Albion

We ground and centre ourselves for the activity of Saturday’s conference with a guided gentle body prayer journey with Brigantia’s Swan and Lynx, to both open our bodies and hearts, while being grounded with courage.

Powerful Wisdom sharing


A new spirit stirs the consciousness of our times. Women are reclaiming the vulva as an icon of primal creative energy. Unbounded by time or space, this sacred image can be found in uncountable representations from Paleolithic caves to Sheela na gigs to pink pussy hats.
Words like vulva, vagina, and now pussy are part of the zeitgeist of our culture—with all their potency to sanctify not demonize the female body and subvert patriarchal toxicity. It feels as if from the deepest parts of ourselves, the Great Mother herself is offering up these gifts to us so that all life may be preserved. When the whole world is imagined as the offspring of the womb of the Great Mother, everything is in relationship, not made for exploitation. A Great Creatrix replaces a dour War God. The powers of the vulva are part of our true, natural heritage as illuminated by the Return of the Goddess. For an historical foundation of this necessary resurgence, one need only look for the startling image of a female displaying her sex. She can be seen on almost every continent of the planet throughout time. This universal symbol of the ever renewing life force appears in the visual and narrative arts of India, Africa, the Americas, Oceania, and Europe. So rooted in our psyches is this image, it seems as if the icon of the vulva is the original cosmological center of the human imagination and a basis of civilization.


Earth Mother Goddess is the great bearer of gifts to all the beings that live upon Her. Gifting is Her very essence! Ancient Goddess loving peoples very likely lived a form of this, in gift based Goddess cultures. In this interactive presentation, Sadhu will invite you to tune into gift based culture as our natural, human, healthy life frequency, and to examine the veils of distortion around the giving & receiving of gifts, that live within us, both personally, and collectively. Join Sadhu in feeling our Abundant Mother Of Gifts and Her great bestowing power, that seeks to fill all beings with the courage to meet life! She who is the great encourageress of all life!


The wisdom keepers of the Maghari people of Old Europe remember the Great Mother, her daughter Mother Earth and her 7 daughters. According to this beautiful remnant of Goddess Heritage, the 7 daughters of Mother Earth, all represent a phase in the cycles of nature year-round. In her talk, Nikoletta, Priestess of the Great Mother will focus on the Earth Mother traditions of the Cradle Civilisation in the Carpathian Basin, still living in the memory and sacred rites of the Maghari – Magyar – Hungarian people. The tradition celebrates the Golden Apple Tree of Life in the middle of the Golden Island, Mother Earth, where the 7 daughters called Merry Ladies, reign and uphold balance. The 7 phases represent the whole, completed cycle of feminine creation and along with it offer the keys for sustainable development. Understanding the tradition of the Merry Ladies heals the wounds of sisterhood, reconnects to the wisdom of matrifocal life. The 7 daughters hold the keys to the one and future Summerland, the new Golden Age of Earth.

Pachamama and ChakAnna, Goddesses from the Southern Cross

Pachamama is the South American original mother who gives birth nourishes and protects to all life. She is indeed the Mother Universe and ChakAnna, Goddess of the Southern Cross, is one of Her cosmic aspects.
Join us to know them, together with Mother Goddesses from other traditions. They are alive in their lands as well as in the memories of our heart…

Body as Temple Land as Temple, Movement and Meditation Practice:
Become the chalice of emptiness and allow the divine transmission of Elemental Embodiment to guide
yourself deeper into the depths of Earth Mother devotion.
Allow the sacred within your outer and inner landscape to reveal the magic of your physical and light bodies.
Morning Practice tools to enhance your relating to the Earth shall be shared, as well as Ceremonial Womb Dance, and Elemental Anointing.
Please have your Altars set with Stone, Feather, Candle, and Chalice to collaborate in this Ritual of adoration with Priestess Graell.

LUNCHTIME with Spirit Doll Myths * Earth Circles led by experienced Priest/esses.

Afternoon Workshops 2.30 - 4.00 pm


Join ‘Daughters of Gaia’, and the UK’s favourite Wise Women, to awaken your soul’s knowing, reclaim your inner wisdom and step forward fearlessly into your destiny through ceremony chants and trans-drumming. You will be invited to take part in a powerful arrow breaking ceremony to remove fears and phobias, to bring about peace and balance. Then journey with the power of the drum to your sacred inner space for transformation, and re-connect with the primal heartbeat and emotions of Mother Earth. A formidable and friendly team, Barbara and Flavia conduct many truly transformational goddess healing ceremonies throughout the world, and invite you to awaken to the magic of the Old Ways.

BECKY JOHANSSON: Earth Globes: Prayers, Magic and Healing for the Earth: Our Mother

Connecting deeply to clay as the body of the Mother; we will build earth globes to hold our prayers for healing for Gaia, Earth. Working individually and as a group we will infuse natural elements (e.g. Well Water, Seeds, breath and love) into the clay, and through sacred movement, sound and ceremony, create a powerful vessel for holding our intentions for healing, peace and support for life and balance in the world. We will work with our connection to Goddess, with energy, life force, power, intention, prayer and magic. As a circle we will weave our prayers together and bind them into the globes, which will then be able to be taken back by participants to their homes, countries and sacred places. As the globes dissolve back into nature, our healing prayers are released, flowing out to the places, people and beings that need them.
This is of course also a beautiful physical metaphor for what we as conference goers and Goddess lovers also do at conference; taking the power, healing and transformation back out into the world, like seeds scattering on the winds.


Enjoy the abundance of sacred dance and knowledge through trance. Join us in circle dances choreographed to honour, invoke and express the Earth Mother with well-beloved songs like “The Earth is our Mother” or “Mother, I feel you under my feet”. Angelica will sing some of the songs live and you are welcome to sing along. Let us hear, see, feel what the Earth Mother wants to reveal in a guided trance. Goddess shows her face in multiple ways. Within the circle we feel held, loved and supported, embedded in a commonly shared experience of Her loving beauty and wisdom.


This workshop offers an experiential taste of a radical new form of leadership development -The Goddess Luminary Wheel. Participants will explore the archetype of Maturtrix, She who is deeply grounded in Mother Earth. Together we will experience being present and embodied in our Leaderful Sovereignty. The Mothering values of caring, compassion and collaboration will be explored and we will learn how to nourish the fullest potential of others through 10 practical Luminary actions. Participants will receive a copy of The Luminary Leaderful Way thought paper.


In this workshop we will be looking at how to be an authentic earth woman in this world. For many of us it is not easy living a more natural life as we are challenged by the constraints of an artificial society that makes us feel inadequate and small. To be an earth woman is to honour your roots and stand your ground – connected from your own natural self and connected to Mother Earth. In this workshop we will share our stories, get some practical tips to apply in daily life and to listen to your message of empowerment.

The 7 Sacred Egyptian Attars. Hathor’s Sweet Perfume

Introduction to the seven Sacred Egyptian attars of the modern Egyptian aromatherapy based in the seven ancient Egyptian attars .

Since 3000 BC, ancient Egyptians have been the founders of cosmetics, aromatherapy and perfume making. According to several texts found in the Pyramids or temples as Dendera, mainly seven oils were used in temples, rituals and daily life. The perfume was a gift from the deities and a way to communicate with them. Flowers and scents made an ideal offering.

Hathor, the great mistress of Dendera, brings sensual and erotic undertones to fragrance in her aspect of goddess of love and sexuality. Specially related with myrrh incense, considered a precious scent who represents the most exquisite qualities of femininity. Perfumed oils were part of love recipes, spells and aphrodisiacs invoking Hathor.

Nowadays, the Egyptian aromatherapy is different. We will explore the seven modern sacred attars and the connection with the seven chakras. We will finish the workshop with a beautiful and aromatic surprise.

Afternoon Workshops 4.30 - 6.00 pm


Worship of the Anatolian Earth Mother Cybele has its roots in the Rose Lineage cult of the Sumerian Queen Kubaba, who was depicted holding a tympanum (frame drum), the instrument later used in the rites of Cybele in ancient Greece and Rome. Known as ‘Mother of the Mountain’ in all Her primal, raw, wild nature, Cybele’s mystery cult featured loud, percussive music of frame drums and castanets with circle-dancing by women. On the mountain of Montevergine, where Virgil was once initiated at her temple in the area of Southern Italy where my novel The Serpent’s Tale is set, these rites are still enacted in honour of the Black Madonna. In this workshop, we will explore the ancient rites of the Rose Lineage Earth Mother Kubaba, Cybele and the Black Madonna through guided visualisation, ritual, drumming and chanting for our own healing and empowerment as well as that of Mother Earth and all Beings as we co-create the New Earth together.



At a time our beautiful planet is in such crisis, women without children have an important role to play. We can channel our mothering energy into the Earth and all Her beings, creating a powerful force for change and healing. In this workshop, we’ll perform rituals to cleanse ourselves of any lingering sadness and conditioning, so we can step into our full power as protectors of Nature. We will journey to connect with the Mother within and discover our individual Earth defender paths, finishing with a sacred declaration of intent.

Nature As Your Beloved, Exploring Eco-Sensuality:
Enhance your greater environmental awareness and increase the level of commitment to practicing primal Earth loving priestessing skills.
Crystal Yoni Eggs and Wands are welcome and shall be discussed to support Earthgrid practices to link up and strengthen the current of conductivity necessary to hold and protect our Earth-based Spiritual culture.


Mountain Woman: Her Enduring Strength
The Mountain Woman archetype presents a panoply of possible interpretations, some authentic to the lived experience, and some not so truthful or flattering. In this workshop, we will unpack the Mountain Woman archetype, and receive her message for the children of the Earth at this critical hour in our planetary cycle. The Mountain Woman has seen cataclysms and great shudderings come and go, and yet her heartbeat remains steady with the drum of the Earth, and her capacity for patience is vast. She has a steadiness about her, a survivor’s soul, a thriftiness and cleverness with limited resources, a vast pocket of generosity despite humble circumstances. She is the kind of woman who can conjure plenty amidst scarcity, in order to help others. What are the qualities the Mountain Woman archetype can help us actualise within ourselves during these challenging times? Let’s gather together and discover the rugged resilience, unflinching honesty, and quiet dignity that the Mountain Woman archetype can help us cultivate for the benefit of all beings on Earth.


Invoke your inner wild in this workshop journey held by priestess Camilla Måne and storyteller Stina Gray. Here we will awaken our senses, return to our our roots and deepen our connection to Mother Earth through chanting, storytelling, dance and ceremony – drawing inspiration from the Nordic landscape of song and myth.

Awakening into Mother Earth’s Presence, Healing, Love and Service.

by Rachel Harris, Priestess of Avalon and Founder and Facilitator of Priestess of Mother Earth Training.
Includes how Mother Nature helped Rachel heal from the life-threatening infection of Covid-19.

Mother Earth is calling to us deeply in our souls. She loves us and we are her children; our bones, blood and flesh created of her. Right now, She is telling us that it’s time to connect deeply with her to feel the depth of this love, connection, holding, grounding, healing and presence, and to experience ourselves as her creations and to see all her creations as our earth family. With Covid-19 She has given us the opportunity to stop what we were doing and to turn to Her for reconnection, nurturing, wisdom and healing. She wants to show us that we have all the healing from her and inner wisdom to make the necessary changes for all on planet earth. This exciting, brand new Priestess/Priest of Mother Earth training is for all those who know they have a purpose here on earth to serve her or any of her creations. You might not know what that purpose is and this training creates the possibility to reveal your earthly mission. Or, you may have an inkling or more and sense that this deeper connection and healing from and with Mother Earth will reveal your next steps, firmly here on her body.

In this on- line session you are invited to connect deeply with Mother Earth where you are on Her planet and your favourite places in nature experiencing her presence, elements and energy to heal you and reveal a better understanding of your inner wisdom, and your interdependence and interconnectivity with all of nature. We will explore our own force of nature and how our authentic power, sovereignty and understanding of this force comes when we connect with and root deeply into our Mother Earth. You will also be introduced to the Wheel of Mother Earth and the changing energies of each season and an outline of the course. As we will be in the season of sacred crops and grains, please bring a small item of food (doesn’t have to be grains or crops) for our gratitude  “sharing” ceremony. Enjoy a taste (pardon the pun!) of what this new course offers and your own deeply held connection and wisdom  with our beautiful Mother Earth