Riding the dream

Riding the dream

As we move through the month of December, we gain momentum and energy from the star Queen Goddesses and we are able to embrace the power and insights of Star Queen Goddess Rhiannon Epona: She who rides Her dream. She, among the Star Queens asks us is we are willing and ready to embrace the journey, to take the leap, to trust in our dreams and ourselves.

This is not always an easy thing to do, it can be scary. Sometimes the road is full of potholes that can make the journey bumpy, or deep valleys that we cannot see a way out of. But it is in these times that Rhiannon Epona reminds us that while we are riding our dreams we should still look to the stars and all of the wisdom that they offer.

Sometimes it can be easy to get caught up in the wild rushing of our dreams and follow them blindly, not caring or noticing the hurt we may be causing ourselves or others. Perhaps it is at these times that we lose sight of the constancy of the stars and their wisdom that guides us to connect to the bigger picture.
At other times, swept up in our dreams as we can get, it is possible to forget why they are even special in the first place and they can begin to feel like chores. This is the challenge that comes with riding our dreams; to find the balance that allows us to ride the starlit beauty way.

This precious, sacred balance is not always easy to find, but when we do find it, it is the gift that gives eternally, for what is more beautiful than knowing and trusting our dreams and allowing them to take us where ever they lead, on a journey that is in itself the destination and the culmination of all our most beautiful and desired imaginings.

Rhiannon-Epona teaches us how our small personal gain, our selfish goals, or our need for revenge, are not part of the bigger picture nor the dreamed reality we wish to create. This dream of a society truly based on qualities of equality, compassion, respect, needs to begin within our own dreams, and guide our actions. Rhiannon-Epona demonstrates this way of riding the dream in Her mythology as Queen, where she is not burdened by accusations of others, instead she holds the dream of being authentically sovereign in all Her actions. This starlight clarity that She demonstrates is the key to testing if the dream is real and worthy of riding, especially when challenged, or in difficult times. Rhiannon-Epona stays clear in the knowing and trusting of the truth of her heart and her dream.

When we find this balance, we are able to look at our dreams objectively, to see the parts that are maybe not honest or that do not serve, and also to see where the beauty and the crystal starlight shines. Once we know these things about our dreams, we can decide in authenticity how far we are willing to go with them and what we might achieve. This is the question the Rhiannon Epona asks us ‘how far we are willing to go for our dreams?’

The Goddess guides our dreams but does this mean that we should leave everything up to the ‘flow’ of life? In her mythology Rhiannon Epona seized opportunity and chance and luck and turned them into beautiful tools for her dreams and her life. She did not sit back and let her story create itself, and if She had, it would be a very different story and a very different life. And we have seen examples of this active working for dreams time and time again, throughout history, where real women, and men, who have had beautiful dreams have had to work and fight to see them come to fruition. Those dreams and inspirations that have been brought into our world through hard work have changed history and the stories that we tell ourselves, they have inspired others to work for their dreams.

Perhaps we live in a world of distraction and judgment where sometimes working for our dreams feels impossible, or scary, or simply too much effort… And it is all of these things. But surely these star filled dreams of ours are worth it? And perhaps our dreams will spark something in another and inspire them to ride their dreams also.
This is the teaching of Rhiannon Epona; to work for our dreams, to be balanced and authentic as we ride them, and to use them to inspire others.
Are you ready to ride your dreams?