Dear Goddess Conference Participants,

Welcome to the 2021 online Tribal Star Queen Goddess Conference and thank you for being part of this special Goddess event. 

Please find below, how to access to the Online Goddess Conference Platform, or join this year’s Conference and wonderful contributions.


The link to the main page is

To be able to see the content you must be logged in, so click on “MY PROFILE” button, or directly go at this link:


You can access using the email and password used to buy your ticket (the same in which you’re receiving this email). 

We strongly suggest resetting or changing your password the first time you access, and to keep it secure.


If you can’t remember your password, please click on the following link: 

so that you can reset it.


Once you’re logged in you will see all the days you are enrolled in, displayed in the list. 

Please bear in mind that the content will be not visible until the starting of the Conference (Tuesday 27th July) and will be released day by day over the first six days.


If you have purchased a ticket but you are not able to see your enrolment, please send a message to:


Please remember that the material of this year’s Conference will be available for 3 Months, until the end of October 2021, but the Ceremonial Movies will only be online in this form until the 1st August 2021, so watch them as they are up this coming week!


During the Conference days we will be live streaming on The Goddess Conference   Facebook Page:


For interaction with each other and the directional priestesses, please go to (or join) the Goddess Conference Participants Facebook Group: 


The directional priestesses will also hold a sharing circle on Saturday, this is scheduled into the programme!


We wish you a magical, enlightening, and empowering Tribal Star Queen Goddess experience! 

Blessings from Avalon,
Marion Brigantia & Katinka Soetens

and the Goddess Conference team