Music to listen to in the time of the Tribal Star Queen Qoddesses.

Music to listen to in the time of the Tribal Star Queen Qoddesses.

Previous blogs have explored the meaning of the tribal Star Queen Goddess architypes, what their gifts and lessons might be, what challenges they might bring and how their energies can be applied to our lives and to society today.
Andraste is a Star Queen Goddess who is unvanquishable and undefeatable in Her courage which She voices clear and strong. One way to voice courage is through creativity. Music is one such wonderful expression of courage, it can speak to the heart, soul, and dream of each of us. Music can be intensely personal and at the same time universally understood.

One song that I believe represents the vision of the Star Queen Goddesses is Queendom by AURORA. In it she sings of a Queendom that she has created “through thirst and care…” lyrics which for me epitomise the gifts of Andraste, courage and strength, striving and fearlessness alongside kindness and grace and care for all others. Other lyrics are also reminiscent of Andraste, for instance “I will be your warrior, I will be your lamb…” this speaks to me of the courage and strength in radical softness.
Andraste is a Star Queen who fights against injustice without becoming warlike, who is victorious simply by being Herself.

The Star Queen Goddesses hold their Queendoms firmly but with openness, there are boundaries but there is also a place for all who seek it, qualities that I am reminded of when I hear the lyrics ‘You have a home in my Queendom…”
So, if you are looking for good music to help you tap into the energy of the tribal Star Queens and Andraste in particular, I can whole heartedly recommend that you take a moment to yourself, put of Queendom and tune into the lyrics and the music.

There are thousands of courageous, beautiful musicians who create music that is in line with the energies of the Star Queen Goddess. This song is one recommendation only, and I chose it because I can feel the Star energy and power in its music. But my question for you is; Are there songs that you listen to, to tune into the Star Queens? If so, what are they?

Lets create a Star Queen playlist together! Leave a comment with a recommendation of music or some other form of creation that you resonate with, perhaps our shared music and vision can create a musical voice for the Star Queen Goddess architype.