Looking back to look forward

Looking back to look forward

Looking back to look forward

In the last seven years the Glastonbury Goddess Conference has travelled through 7 stages of several great Archetypes of the Goddess.

As Goddess Conference co-organisers, we are so grateful that Goddess continues to inspire us through the synchronicities, messages, visions, inspiration and magical moments in which She speaks through Her nature here in Avalon-Glastonbury, in sacred sites of the British Isles and Europe and in powerful/magical places everywhere.

This last seven years has led us on a great journey of exploration and the widening out of the experience of Goddess that the Conference offers people who join us in person and online, every year.

From the great invitation to step into the circle of inclusivity with the Goddesses of the World in 2017, we journeyed with a cosmic-elemental wheel, and found forms and facets of the Divine Feminine that were represented as Moon-Maiden, Sun-Lover, Earth-Mother, Star-Queen, Sovereign Lady of Avalon, and Crone of the Otherworld. We learned how these aspects of Goddess each can become the centre of a great wheel of seasonal expression.


Photo by Ann Cook
Photo by Ann Cook









We ‘saw’ the Great Temples of the Goddess in the astral plane and in our remembered imagination, and decided to make this visible. We enquired into what it would feel like to arrive at the Temple of the Moon-, Star- or Sun- Goddess at a specific time of the year, in the landscape of Avalon, and find Her celebrants and ceremonies in honour of Her specific archetypes.

As we raise the yearly ‘pop up’ Temple space in the physical world that is the Goddess Conference, we are aware that we are making ‘real’ a year-long ancestral sacred space from this Astral magical imaginal sphere. In this dimensionality, these Goddess Temples we create for a week, are a constant reality, where daily ceremony, offerings, and welcoming priest/esses, guide the pilgrims and visitors through beautiful spaces to the presence of Goddess.

This last 7 year cycle gave us the gift of working with initiation ceremonies for the inner archetypes and for our own life phases represented by these Great Deities.

It has given us such gifts of wisdom, endurance and connection, and offered a chance to look at, explore, discover, learn and transform places within us that may never have been touched upon by the Radiant Love of Goddess. Places that can keep us trapped in our own distortions and reactive patterns of behaviour, places that need initiating into healthy loving consciousness, so that we all may walk our Goddess-based paths with greater understanding, skill, kindness, generosity, awareness and healthy boundaries.

Now we are standing at the start of a new 5 year cycle, carrying all these treasures, lessons and gifts of the last years in our hearts. The Goddesses of the sacred Celtic lands sing strongly in our dreaming and are showing us connecting threads to other places, times and co-operative Sister Circles in other lands.

Soon we will be able to reveal more of what the Goddess of Healing will bring us in the 2024 Goddess conference. Do come and join us for the in person Maiden year Conference (30th July – 4th Aug) to be a part of it all and entre the Healing Temple of the Goddess.

Perhaps you can feel the Goddess of your heart whisper Her healing energy of renewal and deep dreaming at this time of the year. Let Her guide you to your own exploration of what Healing-in-Action may be like for you, and how you may walk Her many ways this season.

With love and blessings from Avalon
From Katinka and Marion