Goddess Conference Young Peoples Workshops (GCYPW)

From Wednesday 1st August to Saturday 4th August
Welcome to the Goddess Conference Young Peoples Workshops (GCYPW)

You are invited to register your 6 – to 18 year olds with the team  at the GCYPW desk in the Main Hall on Tuesday morning.

The sessions take place Wednesday to Saturday inclusive.

GCYPW are located in the Avalon Centre throughout the conference. Full Artemis Tickets or daily individual workshops tickets are available for purchase.



The sessions

Each session will begin with movement medicine (Tai Chi and Yoga)  depending on age and ability. This encourages the expression of individuality  and relaxes the young people into the day. Followed by our exciting programme.

 Please see below each individual day Program.

Each Session includes a 15 minute snack break, so please inform the team of any dietary requirements. This year the workshops are facilitated by Daniel Le Fey and a team of skilled workers.  All have current DBS checks and are fully insured.

Program Goddess Conference Young Peoples Workshops

Who are the Moon Maidens and where do we find them?

Themes will be explored through craft work as we make  a kaleidoscope and raise awareness of the full wonders of the Moon.


Sacred Puppet Making. Storytelling are our themes today,  as we honour the Moon Maidens with a special tale from Sailor Moon.


An exploration into the unknown, today is no ordinary day we will be travailing to the moon and back, stepping into the cosmos of our dreams. A visual extravaganza with music and lighting sets the stage.


We will be journeying on the Land of Avalon to have a ceremonial afternoon and meet the Moon Maidens, before we join the rest of the Conference for an evening meal.


Today we invite you to find your inner Power as we embark on a  Pilgrimage in search of Her Treasures on Wearyall Hill (weather dependent) to end with our Fabulous Picnic.