On The Fringe

8.30 AM - 18.00 PM
ALASTAIR NEWING & MARISA PICARDO * Uffington White Horse and Weyland Smithy

Marisa Picardo and Alastair Newing invite you to join us on a day visit to these ancient and sacred places on the unusual and beautiful hills of the Berkshire Downs. Uffington White Horse is the most ancient of white horses, huge at over 100 metres long, this stylised animal was scoured into the hillside and packed with chalk to stand out vividly in the landscape. It is known to date from the late Bronze Age or Iron Age and could be as old as 3,000 years or more.

One archaeologist has recently pointed to the horse’s alignment with the sun, particularly in midwinter when the sun appears to overtake the horse, to indicate that it was created as a depiction of a “solar horse”, reflecting mythological beliefs that the sun was carried across the sky on a horse or in a chariot. In addition, the symbol of Rhiannon-Epona, Lover goddess, the Uffington White Horse is the perfect place to begin celebrating the Sun Lover Goddess.

Only a short distance away is the Prehistoric Chambered Tomb known as Wayland’s Smithy (also known as Brighid’s Smithy), an atmospheric place about a mile’s walk along the Ridgeway from the Uffington White Horse, which is an equal to West-Kennet Long Barrow. This sacred place of the ancestors was constructed around 5,500 years ago and at a time when people were making the earliest structures that remain to us today to house and honour the remains of their loved ones.

Leaving Glastonbury at 8.30am we shall arrive mid morning where we shall view the White Horse from the mysteriously named Dragon Hill and honour Her symbol in the landscape as Sun Lover with simple ceremony together. After spending time in the vicinity we shall make our way on foot in silent meditation along the ancient Ridgeway to Wayland Smithy burial mound where we shall gather to honour the ancient ones. We shall depart the area mid afternoon returning to Glastonbury by 6.00pm.

This visit involves a total of four to five miles walking on easy to moderate terrain so good walking shoes should be worn and clothing appropriate for the weather whether hot and dry or windy and wet. Please bring your own packed lunch and plenty to drink since we will NOT have access to a cafe or similar during the day. Please note there will be minimal access to toilet facilities once on site.

We look forward to welcoming you to our celebrations at the commencement of this years conference.


At Imbolc 2019, a Circle of Oracle Priestesses and Priests of Avalon initiated a regular seasonal Oracle of the Lady of Avalon at Goddess House. Together we create and hold a Ceremonial Oracular Space in which the Oracle of the Lady of Avalon will be present and will answer questions from those who approach Her with honour. At this year’s Goddess Conference our Lammas Oracle is offered to Conference participants.

The earliest Oracles in Greece were Priestess Sybils who spoke directly for the Earth Mother Ge or Gaia, from deep inside caves within Her body, the Earth. They embodied the Nymphs and Muses who inspired the people. At Delphi Priestess Oracles first spoke for Ge in trance, sitting on a high rocky outcrop, or above a crack in the volcanic rock from which intoxicating gases emerged. In classical times as the patriarchal Gods took over the ancient places of the Goddess, the Sun God Apollo killed the chthonic female Python or Earth Serpent and claimed Delphi for himself. Throughout classical times travelers came from far and wide to consult the Pythia, the Priestess of the Oracle, whose mumbled words were then ‘translated’ by Apollonian Priests. The Pythia could predict the future, often speaking in riddles, and affecting the course of politics, wars and ordinary human lives for over a thousand years.

Here in Glastonbury within the Goddess Temple we have been reclaiming and practicing the ancient arts of Oracling and Embodiment of Goddess for many years. This skill is now practiced without the use of intoxicants, as we connect energetically and deeply to Goddess within our own Priestess bodies. Here we are called especially to Oracle for the Lady of Avalon, She who is Goddess in this Sacred Land of Avalon.

Please arrive at Goddess House at any time between 11.00am and 5.00pm on Saturday 27th July 2019. Your visit to the Oracle will take an hour or so.

Querants are asked to prepare their question before arriving at Goddess House. On arrival they will be taken through a blessing of the four elements of air, fire, water and earth to help refine and ground their question before approaching the Oracle of the Lady. There will then be a ceremonial approach to the Oracle, listening to Her Words of Wisdom for you as She answers your question. After visiting the Oracle there is time for reflection and integration of Her answers.

It was in 2001, that Tina Redpath, joint founder with Kathy Jones, of the Glastonbury Goddess Conference, first invited Ann to take photographs of this unique annual event. She accepted with huge delight, and over the years has grown to love and respect the extraordinary celebration the Conference has become. She believes her photographs will become a historical record of a movement now spreading and expanding worldwide
As a detached onlooker, she admires the energy, enthusiasm, sincerity and sheer beauty of women, and a growing number of men, following their belief in the Feminine and The Goddess as Supreme Being.
Never intrusive, over the years she has honed an instinct, understanding sensitive ceremonies and moments when she knows to put her camera away, so gaining a precious trust she would never betray Her photographic presentation illustrates the last eighteen years, concentrating on the colour, the celebrations and ceremonies but above all, the beautiful people who have become her friends Ann’s photographs of the Conference have been published in the Saturday Times magazine, Lifestyle and French Travel magazines, local Newspapers and periodicals, are viewable on her website, and a book is on it’s way.

10.00 AM – 16.00 PM at Goddess Hall - Benedict Street
JANE MEREDITH * Blodeuwedd - Journeying with the Goddess of Flowers

Blodeuwedd is the woman created from flowers in Welsh myth. She speaks of our deep connections to the natural world and to a history of life older than the history of humans. When we name her the Goddess of Flowers we begin to understand some of her majesty, beauty and power … she is the pollen on the wind, she is the power of reproductive life in the green world, she is beauty and impermanence and the brightest moment within the yearly cycle of bud, flower, fruit, decay.

Come and join with her, learn her story and sink into the fertile soil of myth. We will spend the day connecting with her and seeing where and how her story touches on our own stories. We will craft an invocation, draw her down into our ritual and speak with her, create poetry or art that reflects her and cast a spell with her vision, for righting of the balance on this earth between flowers – trees, herbs, grasses and all the green ones – and humans. Taste her magic …

The workshop is fully experiential and participative. We will work with magic and ritual; individual, small group and whole group processes; trance; creativity & direct experiencing of the divine. All welcome, regardless of previous experience. Please bring a journal and pen, colouring things optional, and a flower.


Recovering ourselves and coming home to the land and each other is the essential pathway to restoring our inner world, our inner landscapes and the outer world of nature and Mother Earth. We have all felt the separation from our land and community and are searching for a way home, back to wholeness. During this fringe event Hannah and Dora will share their beautiful unique offerings towards the creation of these new pathways. Using journeying, medicine stories and song we will create a safe holding to access those feelings of separation bringing them to consciousness into the sacred circle. The stories and songs will open this up and also give us wisdom of how to move forward and begin our collective healing. Hannah will guide you to create an Aboriginal ritual to plug into Mother Earth so she can assist you with your purpose. You will then journey to restore your own inner natural landscape, your inner wild which will create fertile ground for your sacred purpose to be nourished, take root and grow. We will journey to discover that purpose, individually and collectively. Through the stunning beauty of Dora’s music and Hannah’s medicine stories we will empower these visions and joyfully send out our intentions. Hannah will then help you ignite this sacred purpose on the inner planes as Dora creates this in the physical with you using the ancient art of fire by friction. Once we have lit our sacred fires we will sit with Grandfather fire with song and prayer… Feeling our deep connection to all that is.


Jaime Black performs with her priestess sisters to activate your Sacred Purpose.
Ethereal, mystical and magical. A ritualized performance of voice, guitar, harmony, frame drum, gong, sound bowls, and strings.

10.00 AM – 16.00 PM at Goddess Hall - Benedict Street
LUCY H. PEARCE * Embodying the Fire of Your Feminine Power – Lessons from Burning Woman

A full day of connecting with and expressing your Feminine power, incorporating movement, music, word and image work to embrace the fire within and face the fire without. Lucy H. Pearce brings the fiery wisdom of her Nautilus Award-winning book, Burning Woman, to life. Step into the Feminine dark, share stories of shame, fear and silencing, reclaim and embody your Feminine fire, and join in creative ceremony.

For those who burn with passion, have been burned by shame and at another time or place would have been burned at the stake.


Come join me on a day workshop to explore the temple dance traditions of the world, and create modern day Prayer Dances to the many faces of the Sun Lover Goddess!

They day will be part presentation, part dancing and part play as we discover temple dance traditions around the world, explore the concept of what it means to create sacred dances, and explore sacred movement from around the world.

We will learn in presentation format about the sacred dances of the world, the position and path of the dancing priestess and priest, and the importance of art to the gods. We will explore the sculpture of ancient Egyptian temple dancers, learn about the devadasi tradition in India and the sacred dances of the brides of Jugganath, watch the temple dancers of Cambodia and see the unearthly and beautiful dances of Bali. We will travel to Brazil, learning about the importance of dance to the spirituality of Candomble, and the roots of dance in the African-American traditions.

We will be exploring images of temple dancers through statue and fresco, how these images have inspired the sacred dances of modern times.

We will learn elements of two sacred dance styles from across the globe, exploring what makes them sacred and enjoying the innate beauty of them. First, we will explore Indian dance: I will take you through what I have learnt during my studies of Odissi temple dance, and we will learn a short beautiful dance inspired by Odissi. I will explain to you the depth of meaning in each movement, how the dance tells a sacred story. Then we will learn an Orixia inspired dance, calling on the female Orixias and exploring how sacred movement and trance is created in Orixia dance.

Then I will teach you a sacred dance of my own creation in honour to the great Sun Lover Goddess: a prayer born out of my teaching and experience as a dancer, showing you how to weave together the teaching and inspiration of world-wide sacred dances into something meaningful, accessible and powerful for us modern devotees of Goddess.

Lastly, we will have time to explore how to create sacred dance for the deities you are devoted to. I will explain how I do it, and give you ideas and inspiration and lots of help for creating your own short sacred dance prayer for your Goddess/God.

Bring a notebook and clothes you can dance in.

All dance abilities are welcome!

19.30 PM at Goddess Hall - Benedict Street

Fringe Bhajan singing with Lisa Mclean in Goddess Hall.

My name is Lisa Lilavati and I will be sharing with you all the glorious names of the Vedic Goddesses, Kali, Durga, Lakshmi through mantra meditation (bhajans). We will come together and sing Her names and bring Her into our hearts.

My connection with the Vedic Indian Tradition started in my early teens, an album fill of bhajans came into my possession which I sang a lot but had no idea what and who I was singing to, growing up on a pit estate in a coal mining village in the North of England, it wasn’t until I was 23 in India Vrindavin, when I entered a temple and knew what they were singing, that it all connected and has been in my life ever since.


Sun Set Ceremony on the Tor with Goddess Conference Priest/esses
Free event.