The Wheel of Regeneration

Birth, growth, death, decay and regeneration—this is the great cycle that moves through all of life and sustains the fertility and abundance of the earth.  Whether in the garden, in relationships or in our creative projects, we continually travel the wheel.  In this workshop, Starhawk leads us through the stages of inspiration, creation, fulfilment, letting go, and transformation to explore the process of regeneration in our own lives, and in the world around us.


Carolyn Hillyer * WE BEAR WITNESS TO THIS WIDE EARTH (the daughters)

Mix of Zoom sessions (both full workshop and small groups), pre-recorded film pieces and a bundle of workshop materials posted in advance.

We drum our footsteps to the sacred mountain, lay down on our bleeding earth and sigh
but the waters flow, the moon is singing, daughter winds are gathering and hope is high…

Carolyn will be guiding a workshop journey during the day designed uniquely for this conference, a rich tapestry of shared work that combines full group sessions on Zoom, smaller clan group circles, pre-recorded film pieces made on her Dartmoor land and workshop bundles posted to participants in advance. We will be talking about the intricate details of wild hill and mountain rituals that are born from places where raw high land embraces expansive sky and tenacious ice; that offer lament, gratitude, spell-binding, mending and honouring to the earth. This will involve working with the concept of the ancient shydi, a vessel of prayer created on wild earth from which we will may draw, and into which we may feed, a litany of tender prayers and powerful songs. The workshop bundle will include sacred craft materials (some gathered from the Dartmoor landscape), images, reading excerpts and suggestions for preparations to make and things to bring to this gathering. We will share the making and marking of shydi totems (using Dartmoor deer hide and other pieces of raw nature) which can catch and distil our undertaking as fierce and gentle warrior daughters of the earth mother. Together we will bear witness to this wide earth… 

This workshop is for women. Workshop fee: £80 including £20 cost for the posted workshop bundle. The bundles will be sent out one week in advance to women within the UK and two weeks in advance for women requiring international posting

10.00 AM -4.00 PM

Sunday concert & stories evening
August 26 July – length 1.5 hours

We remember all that we have spun
we remember all that we have woven
we remember the blanket and the braid
we remember all our wisdom…

Carolyn is recording a special concert for the conference of her recent and vintage songs, harvested from over thirty years of music created for sacred women and blessed earth. This concert will include mythic stories (from her published work and newly written), drum chants with which to join in and songs sung in the ancient bronze-age mother language of these islands. She will also share words from her new book, WILD LITANY, an archive of songs and music due for publication this autumn. Film production and additional instrumentation by Nigel Shaw. You are invited to join the concert with your drum or rattle, plus a candle or other small flame so we may weave our summer hearth fires together as we share the music.



A virtual play-shop devoted to making prayer flags and stitching together a new HERstory for Gaia.

“We will not go back to normal. Normal never was. Our pre-corona existence was not normal other than we normalized greed, inequity, exhaustion, depletion, extraction, disconnection, confusion, rage, hoarding, hate and lack. We should not long to return, my friends. We are being given the opportunity to stitch a new garment. One that fits all of humanity and nature.”~ Sonya Renne Taylor

Please come and join a hands-on experience where we will be consciously crafting and weaving a new story for our beloved Mother Earth. We will each be creating homemade prayer flags marinated in our loving intentions to fly in sacred places around the globe. Our inspiration will be centered around carefully curated images from the beautiful collection of Lydia Ruyle’s banners of the Divine Feminine.

The first part of the journey will be a guided meditation using images like Kali & Pele to encourage each of us to release what’s no longer needed on our paths. To LET GO. To EXHALE the old pattern.

The second part of our time together will be drumming, dancing and connecting back into Source using images like Green Tara and the Bee Goddess of Rhodes to awaken what’s wanting to emerge and flower in your life.
To WELCOME the rise. To INHALE the desire.

The third part of our voyage will be inspired by images like Mnemosyne and Medusa to re-member and transform the process and alchemize the messages into action.
To COMMIT. To BREATHE OUT the new intentions.

In between every step we will take a break to journal and to allow time to stitch, paste and glue our intentions and inspirations onto fabric or ribbon or paper.

At the conclusion, we will witness each other’s journeys and creations and commitments to action.

“During this time of dismantling and dissolving, may we each have the courage to let go of what no longer serves, set our roots deep into the dark womb of creation and follow the light of our burning hearts, towards the new dawn that awaits us. May we take this time to do whatever we must to re-enter into right relationship with the Earth, the Sky and all our relations. May we truly remember that we are the One birthing this new world into being. May we acknowledge that ALL of our choices matter and ripple into, through and beyond all time and space. May we reclaim our response-ability and engage with life as though what comes next, is up to us…. because, it is.” ~ Phoenix Onesong Marolda – Conscious Dance Luminary DJ WhiteCalf – Melbourne, Australia



  • Suggested supplies you will need to have for the utmost enjoyment of this experience:
    • Piece (or pieces) of fabric and/or ribbons
    • Needle and thread or yarn
    • Scissors, glue… and any other art supply that inspires you… crayons, markers, paints, glitter, objects from nature
    • A Journal
    • Every participant will receive a link to Lydia Ruyle’s Goddess images that can be printed (on heat transfer paper if so desired) to place on the prayer flag or to be traced, copied or used in anyway to create your piece of art
  • Please wear super comfortable clothes and perhaps adorn yourself in whatever might inspire you to celebrate the Earth Mother Goddess
  • Meditation cushion and/or yoga mat



In the footsteps of Demeter and Persephone; Grief, Growth and Change.

A Sacred Drama Workshop with Katie Player

We will be spending the day exploring together the myths of Demeter and Persephone which formed the heart of the Eleusinian Mysteries in Ancient Greece. Every year for over 1500 years participants walked from Athens to Eleusis on the coast to partake in initiatory ceremonies together based on the myths of Demeter and Persephone. No one in all that time ever revealed the secrets. In the 25th year of the Glastonbury Goddess Conference, which was shaped in honour of the Eleusis cycle, come and be part of a new telling of their story.

The day will involve Storytelling, Herstory and image, drama games, sharing in small groups/breakout rooms, dance, writing/drawing, guided visualisation and will culminate in a sacred drama ceremony re-enacting the journey of Demeter to find her daughter in the underworld. Each participant will enact the journey there and back for themselves. There will be carefully crafted time afterwards to ground, to share together and to process our experiences before the workshop ends.

Demeter was the Earth Mother Goddess of Ancient Greece and Her daughter Persephone a Spring Goddess. Persephone leaves Her Mother to wed Hades the God of the Underworld and Demeter’s grief at her daughter’s disappearance causes the plants to wither and die. Only through journeying across the land and down into the underworld does Demeter find Persephone and through pomegranate magic secure Her return to the world above for six months of each year. This journey of grief, resilience and accepting the constant that is change is informed by my experience of grief and disability, activism burnout and The Work That Reconnects by Joanna Macy. It is also offered as a healing process in this year of unlooked for change and loss at this pivotal time for our Mother Earth.

No experience is necessary and all are very welcome. Children need an adult to accompany them. Please wear comfortable clothes that will allow you to move freely, wear layers and have a shawl or blanket handy. You will be lying down (if possible) think about pillows, cushions etc. Think about creating a space for yourself for the workshop; free up space for yourself to move and become aware of where any sharp edges or heavy objects are and move/pad what you can. I will need to see your face so think about where your camera can see you and your comfort when sitting. We will be dancing, and I will be leading guided visualizations; have the best sound possible and minimize disturbances. You will be constructing a small altar for yourself. Before the workshop please gather items representing the four elements and objects/images that are sacred to you: a candle for you to light, a small bowl of water, some soil or a rock/plant, a smudge fan or feather and a special item that connects you to the myth and the group. Gather a note or sketch book and writing and drawing materials. We will be breaking for comfort breaks and for lunch but you may want to pre-prepare your lunch to allow yourself to remain reflective. Finally have water and tissues handy.

7.30 PM




Earth Mother – Her Essence Embodied. An Invitation for a Ritual Rite of Remembrance with the Earth Mother

In this Workshop we will start with some storytelling then followed through a deep sacred ritual for the Earth Mother, visually touching soil, sand and stone. We will honour Her, feel, touch, breathe, sense and journey with Her in a Ritual Rite of Remembrance. A Journey within, back to ancient times where Earth Mother was in Her primal state and known in nature by Her people. In a time where awareness awoke to survive, following Her energetic trail and hearing the heartbeat of the Great Mother, as the earthlings, animals and tribal people did on the trackways of their travels with Her through every changing global cycle and seasons. Called by fruitful Fields.

We will connect with Mother Earth as Earth Mother through Her Elemental spheres and will journey through all facets of the Element Earth as humanly possible, to embody Her, She, the Great Mother, who cherish, provide, guide and feeds us in every way possible.

Somewhere we did lose track of Her through all phases of Time but we will invite Her fully back in, as you might already do, but on an even deeper level of existence in this new Earth energy that is richly sprinkled over the Earth these days.

We will connect with Her journey through early times, journey back in our primal essence of Earth Women, Earth Man, Earth Being, fully connected with Planet Earth and the great Earth Mother. Touching Her through Sand, Soil and Stone. Remembering how we envisioned Her in the many statues found all over the Earth. How She touched us in our Souls in this Ancient Era and how we created her in many Forms and Shapes in All She Is !!

A Journey where you might have a feeling of Embodiment, embodying the Earth Mother through your visual sight … gifted even deeper with the empowerment of your senses and the strengthening of your spirit on mental, emotional, psychic, physical and spiritual level.

We will then bring our visions to Life through Sacred Creative Arts which could be through clay, creatively birthed in a Mother Earth Goddess like statue or any symbol of creation you may feel like. Or through Spiritual Writing, trusting your vision to Paper, or Drawing Her with Colour, Paint or Pastels. It is the Journey that matters, not the skill or thought that you bring in, flow through creativity.

I invite you, as part of the Earth Mother of origin, to join this circle of ritual remembering and re-birth your essence through the Ancient Sacredness of the great Earth Mother.

We will close with a Thankful Earth Mother Ritual ! A Sacred Journey, Ritual Remembering, Ritual Earth Mother Rite

You may need – itinerary:

– Sit comfortably, flowing clothes, a drink

– Have pen and paper by hand, journal

– Objects that symbolises Earth and Earth Mother

– Paper and Pastels, coloured pencils, chalk or paint

– Clay to create, form, shape an Earth Mother Symbol

– Any of these, just as you feel drawn too

– Its’s the journey that matters, not the beauty of hand

Feel welcome Sister, Brother, Earthling of the Earth Mother

Earth Essence of Mother Earth, I welcome YOU !!