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Sunday 28 July - Sunday 4 August

Fringe Workshops & Concerts


Location: Avalon Centre

Event: The Magdalene Rose Apothecary:

A Journey to Awaken Your Medicine with the Sacred Oils

Enter the Gateway of Maiden

We’re in a rare & potent time of history

As the world continues to become more chaotic and dissonant, the Magdalena’s are being called to awaken and rise.

We are being called to seed and bud and flower a new vision of the greater than imagined possibility of the world we yearn to live in.

Many of us are being called to step into the incredible medicine that we carry both for ourselves and for the collective.

This is deeply beautiful and much needed, transformational work.

It requires us to awaken the healer within – and the sacred medicine that each one of us carries deep in our blood, breath and bones.

It calls us to open to the apothecary of Mama Gaia and receive her beautiful plants, allies, and deep teachers who guide us as to what it truly means to walk the path of the holy healer.

What medicine do you carry?
What is ready to be remembered?
Who are the Magdalenes?

During this day-long temple, you’ll meet the Magdalene as she lives within you– and tap into a 3,000 year-old secret sect of anointing priestesses. This ancient lineage of priestesses are believed to have initiated the Magdalene as a scent priestess within the Order of the Rose.

It’s the sacred holy oils that have been used throughout history to aid in times of loss, transition, and deep upheaval. Explore more about this rich, lineage wisdom and how to bring it into your modern lives.

Scent & touch, when offered in the sacred art of anointing, are two of the most powerful sensory medicines…

They open us to the wisdom of our soul, while keeping us grounded in the here and now.

The Magdalena’s knew this.

All scent priestesses know this.

So, we call upon all of our allies, including all sacred practices, that can help us awaken our spiritual vision, through the sensory gateway of our physical and etheric body–via holy touch and sacred scent.

Discover the Myrrhophores: awakened, holy healers who were aromatic alchemists of the scent priestess lineage

Location: Assembly Rooms

Event: The Ninefold Way of Avalon: Pathways into Sovereignty and Service

Come learn how to walk the Ninefold Way of Avalon and to navigate the Avalonian Stream of Tradition by using the mythic map left behind for us in Arthurian legend, Brythonic mythos, and early Welsh literature.

Jhenah Telyndru has spent more than 35 years seeking the enigmatic Island of Apples, and founded the Sisterhood of Avalon in 1995. A formally trained Celticist with a master’s degree in Celtic Studies from the University of Wales, Trinity St. David, she has developed a comprehensive system of spiritual practice inspired by Classical accounts of priestess enclaves in Celtic lands, historical descriptions of Celtic holy women, Goddesses and Sovereignty figures in Welsh and Irish Mythology, and the Otherworldly women of Arthurian Tradition. This practice centers around the Ninefold Way of Avalon, a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment that includes the reclamation of Sovereignty, the quest for Awen (the creative spark of divine inspiration), and being in sacred service to the self, the world, and to the Divine.

Jhenah will share her insights on the power of these ancient traditions to inspire personal growth and social change, and how the Ninefold Way can serve as a roadmap for awakening to the truth of our authentic selves. Jhenah’s well-sourced research, empowering teachings, and sharing of time-tested practices assist in deepening connections to Avalon and its Otherworldly Guardians, helping to reveal the nature of our sacred service, while setting us solidly on the path to reclaiming our Sovereignty.

Location: Assembly Rooms

Event: Come and join in the uplifting, connecting Ancient Celtic dances of our ancestors with Dragonsfly.

Dragonsfly harnesses 25 years of honed skill, bringing you a dynamic evening of celebratory, life-affirming music of Celtic and Eastern folk fusion.


Location: Goddess Hall

Event: On Becoming A Medicine Woman:

Starting at the beginning….

In indigenous tradition, one does not call herself a ‘medicine woman’ until she has gained the wisdom of years of profound spiritual practice.

This deep and beautiful time together will focus on giving you knowledge of an indigenous pathway toward becoming such a wisdom woman, which begins at menarche and continues as a regular practice. It is a priestess pathway for every woman.

We will learn, sing, dance, and share with a circle of beautiful women.

You will:

  • Journey to the Feminine Source of All Life
  • Understand the importance of your moon-time practice in becoming wise
  • Learn to honor the power of your womanhood
  • Know the amazing power of working together with other women
  • Awaken to the natural and remarkable service woman have to offer the world in this crucial time.

Location: Avalon Centre

Event: Medicine of the heart ceremony with Mama Cacao.

You are warmly invited to join the Cacao Love Ceremonie devoted to healing the heart and expanding Love on the planet with the power of a sacred ceremony.

Mama Cacao is calling us to consistently gather in a sacred circle to work with her medicine so that we may support one another in the remembrance of Love within our hearts.

The more we are able to access the Love within ourselves, the more we anchor Love on the planet. The more we are able to connect with our hearts, the more we are allowing the truth of our hearts to guide our way.

Expand the field of Love by joining our sacred dance circle! Immerse yourself in the healing frequencies of the cacao spirit and connect with the core of your being.

Cacao is a sacred plant with powerful healing frequency

Experience a beautiful 3hr ceremony where you will work and dance with Mama Cacao.

Receive heart healing & opening, intuitions & guidance coming from working with this plant ally.

With this, you will not only feel the beautiful energies of loving kindness toward yourself and others flood your body and spirit, but you will experience the healing energy from Mama cacao


These guidelines help you to have the best possible experience with Cacao’s sacred medicine:

*Participants are encouraged to reflect on their intention for the ceremony beforehand.

*Please abstain from any other altering substances (including alcohol) for 24 hours before the ceremony to make the most of this subtle experience.

*Please avoid eating a big meal beforehand.

*Afterwards, plan for the enjoyment of a shared meal amongst your group. This is the perfect way to integrate the ceremony together.

*Be sure to hydrate well with water post-ceremony and the following day as Cacao can be dehydrating.


Location: Town Hall

Event: The Goddess Conference holds its yearly magical Masked Gala. This evening is part of the Goddess Conference programme but can also be attended seperately! 

Come dressed as your favourite Deity and dance the night away to a live band performance by the 3 Daft Monkeys!


Location: TBC

Event: Evening concert with the amazing Heloise Pilkington, opening our hearts with her voice and Jenny Bliss, playing the night away.

Please NOTE

All information is subject to change as the organisers see fit or circumstances dictate.