We offer an experience of Earth Mother Goddess visions & wisdom.

The witches whispered

A special Friday treat, inspired by Donna’s maternal ancestral lineage, to honour all women and men who were persecuted as witches for their gentle earth knowledge and practices. With gentle body prayer, we journey around the directions, claiming back our connections to the earth, the air, the fire and the water, in our bodies, and we journey through the Druidic Chakras of Warming, Vocation of Wisdom, arriving at a place of integration between Earth Mother and Sky Father.

The witches whispered

A special Friday treat, inspired by Donna’s maternal ancestral lineage, to honour all women and men who were persecuted as witches for their gentle earth knowledge and practices. With gentle body prayer, we journey around the directions, claiming back our connections to the earth, the air, the fire and the water, in our bodies, and we journey through the Druidic Chakras of Warming, Vocation of Wisdom, arriving at a place of integration between Earth Mother and Sky Father.

Inspiring talks


In times of ecological and social meltdown, what does it mean to honor the Earth Mother? Marija Gimbutas, the archaeologist who did some of the key work on the ancient Goddess cultures of old Europe, used to say: “Remember, she’s not about fertility, she’s about regeneration.” In this talk, Starhawk draws on the insights the ancient Goddess traditions, permaculture and ecology to explore how we can address our current crises through the lens of regeneration, and become transformative allies of the earth.

Mbaba Mwana Waresa

The Goddess, Sacred Beer and Ritual in South Africa.

In this presentation we will be exploring the living memory of the Goddess Mbaba Mwana Waresa, known more popularly as Nomkhubulwane, the  holy Zulu Mother Goddess of the earth, harvest, rainbows, agriculture and beer in South Africa.   The Goddesses’ vital living presence and embodied memory can be seen and felt in the land, wisdom, rituals, history, medicine and symbolism involved in many African spiritual and ancestral practices.  It is said it was the Goddess who gifted humans with the sacred process of making ritual beer called ‘Umqombothi’.  The making of beer is done only by women, and is offered from a sacred round clay pot called a ‘Khamba’.  Nomkhubulwane’s name is also given to the controversial and complex traditional Zulu ritual of virginity testing that has been revived in South Africa.  The ritual stems from very old Goddess and Earth-centered fertility worship practices, but today is shrouded by crucial debates around sexual rights, power and patriarchy, but also its importance to many women as a significant rite of passage connected to feminine sexual sovereignty.    In this presentation Gogo Nomzimane will be brewing the sacred beer from her homestead in blessing and offering to the Earth Mother, attending to the call of the holy Goddess known as Nomkhubulwane, Nkosazana and Mbaba Mwana Waresa.


Treat your body, soul and voice to a pleasant start of the day! We will receive the blessings of the Earth Mother in a morning ritual of gentle body work, toning and chanting from the heart, including chants created especially for this year’s Goddess Conference. People of all ages and abilities are welcome, including those who think they “can’t sing” but would love to. Come as tired as you are, and leave invigorated, inspired and blessed!

LUNCHTIME with Spirit Doll Myths * Earth Circles led by experienced Priest/esses.

Afternoon Workshops 2.30 - 4.00 pm


The Magic Crystal Caverns of the Earth Mother Goddess

A journey into the darkness of the caves where we meet our crystal spirit allies, hear their healing wisdom and the voices of our Ancestors, who wish to support and guide us in moving into a new age of loving kindness across the Globe.
A crystal resonates and vibrates at the highest frequency. Learn how to connect with the crystal spirit and work in amity and unity with them, and how to beam out rays of love through them to the highest good of those who need it most.
Follow Priestess Bee from the darkness and destruction into the Earth Spirit light. Receive your power through the crystals of this planet and beyond.


At a time our beautiful planet is in such crisis, women without children have an important role to play. We can channel our mothering energy into the Earth and all Her beings, creating a powerful force for change and healing. In this workshop, we’ll perform rituals to cleanse ourselves of any lingering sadness and conditioning, so we can step into our full power as protectors of Nature. We will journey to connect with the Mother within and discover our individual Earth defender paths, finishing with a sacred declaration of intent.

Elemental Blessings Of Earth Mother Goddess
Experience how Earth Mother Goddess lives in your body as Her five elements!

Explore Earth Mother Goddess as She who presides over the ever-changing nature of form with Her alchemy of the five elements earth, water, fire, air, and space.

In this workshop you’ll journey with body meditations and elemental embodiment practices incorporating movement, breath, self-touch, and sound, to connect with the elemental forces of Earth Mother as the very forces of life that move through you.

We’ll smell, taste, look to, touch, and listen for Her in our bodies.
We’ll call to Earth Mother Goddess to show us Her rich tapestry of interconnectedness that She weaves throughout all of life with the threads of Her five elements.

Come feel Earth Mother as your essential, elemental nature!


When our bodies connect to the beat of the earth, a strong vibration rises through our roots to our heart. Our hearts merge into a single drum that marks our rhythm of life. In this workshop we will open the doors of the sacred temple of dance, this time celebrating and honoring our mother earth with our divine bodies. The African drums and rhythms will accompany us at all times, making us vibrate and enjoy our connection between our body and Her Body.

Connecting with your local Earth Mother Goddess

A workshop offering advice and inspiration as Kate Dineen tells her own inspiring story of how she connected with her local Earth Mother Goddess. Kate offers suggestions about how to find your local Goddess and meditation techniques to help you to connect with and be receptive to your local Goddess of place.
Content – my journey of discovery, research and experiences with suggestions to viewers about how to do this for themselves where they live.

Guided meditation, Despacho and how to exchange energies with nature, exercises to help viewers to get into a state of connection and receptivity with their own local Goddess.

Read about my own experiences here:

Earth Mother Love Stories

We are blessed to live in beauty on our Earth Mother’s body, and we all have special places which we care about deeply. Often it can be a signifiant experience in these places which makes us feel genuine love for the Earth – e.g. the experience of being one with Her, of how precious She is, that She is alive, that She is huge, that She loves us back… or it is the sheer beauty of Earth that pierces our hearts. In any way, living on this marvellous planet is a felt experience which can be a sacred practice in itself, bringing great joy and fullfilment.

It is a wonderful practice to give gratitude to Earth Mother Goddess by sharing stories of love for Her with others in a safe and comfortable space. In this workshop we will witness each other tell our personal Earth Mother love stories, sharing our heart and beauty places and ground ourselves deeply in the Earth, truly feeling that we belong here – with Her. We will then journey to meet the Earth Mother Goddess to receive the next part of our individual story.

Please have some writing material ready for this workshop.

Afternoon Workshops 4.30 - 6.00 pm


Birth, growth, death, decay and regeneration—this is the great cycle that moves through all of life and sustains the fertility and abundance of the earth. Whether in the garden, in relationships or in our creative projects, we continually travel the wheel. In this workshop, Starhawk leads us through the stages of inspiration, creation, fulfillment, letting go, and transformation to explore the process of regeneration in our own lives, and in the world around us.


Stories make up the fabric of our universe, they are present in every culture throughout history and across the world. The cultural and societal stories that we currently know and live within are so toxic that they are allowing us to kill our beautiful planet. This storytelling workshop will be a chance to connect to the Earth Mother goddess and explore ways in which we can work as sacred storytellers to re-member and tell her stories through both written and spoken expression. It will also aim to look at the many different forms that storytelling can take and where inspiration comes from. It will be an exploration of the new stories, both personal and cultural that we can, and should be telling to bring the change that we so desperately need as nature protecting itself.


In this workshop we will be looking at how to be an authentic earth woman in this world. For many of us it is not easy living a more natural life as we are challenged by the constraints of an artificial society that makes us feel inadequate and small. To be an earth woman is to honour your roots and stand your ground – connected from your own natural self and connected to Mother Earth. In this workshop we will share our stories, get some practical tips to apply in daily life and to listen to your message of empowerment.


This workshop has been designed to unleash your creative potential and help you find your unique way of expression.

The workshop is a combination of creative meditation activities, art therapy techniques and sound healing.

We will begin the session with creative meditation painting activities to set us in the right mood. Then we will gently open up to the process of intuitive painting in our quest for feminine wisdom anchored in Earth Mother Goddess Creative Source. All the messages we will get from the Creative Source are meant to serve us as guidance in our path to self discovery. There is no painting analysis, no judging and no comparison. All art is beautiful simply because it is authentic. At the end of the session you will be invited to share your painting process and reflect upon the art you created. The group can support you by giving their feedback so you can understand your art from different points of view. (Share only if you feel like sharing, no obligations.)

We end the session with ‘sound bathing’ activity to unite all aspects of our Creative selves- our art and our genuine voice.

By using creative techniques we will explore the archetype of Earth Mother Goddess which lies in the collective unconscious. We will dive into the belief systems which block the connection to our divine essence and look for the ways to unblock the Path. Through art we will set the intention for our healing process that will reconnect us to the Goddess within. All ladies welcome! No painting skills required. We paint from the Heart, not from our rational mind.

Art material required for the workshop: A4 paper sheets; coloured pencils or oil pastels or watercolours or acrylics. (Any art materials will do.) Bring paintbrushes if you have them. If not, you will paint with your fingers, which is a unique experience.

The workshop is facilitated by Ula Paula (UlaArt creativity)


Come and explore the relationship between the honeybee in the Hive and Earth Mother Goddess. In all our relationships, in community and our devotion to all life. Through experiential shamanic practices, come and attune to the resonance of the bee and explore the gifts of the Hive. Co-create prayers and invocations for healing and love. Sacred honeybee wisdom helps us to develop deeper awareness of ourselves and unity. This is the deeper message of the Bee.