30th Jul : SHARING our POWER
08:00 - 08:30

Morning Practice: Vocal Bliss Morning Ritual with Karan

  • Karan Troubadoura  

Treat your body, soul and voice to a pleasant start of the day! We will receive the blessings of the Tribal Star Queen in a morning ritual of gentle body work, toning and chanting from the heart,including chants created especially for this year’s Goddess Conference. People of all ages and abilities are welcome, including those who think they "can't sing" but would love to. Come as tired as you are, and leave invigorated, inspired and blessed!

08:30 - 09:30

Yoga by Donna Gerrard

09:30 - 09:50

Opening and Daily practices

30th Jul : MORNING 20-45 mins pre-recorded talks
Always Available -

Dreaming the new paradigm: chains of the old, seeds of the new

  • Laura Ghianda  

he crisis we are living can be a great opportunity to change the old paradigms, but it will not be authomatic. It is up to us.  Despite the old world is trying to resist, the monolithic unique thought belong to the past: we humans are having more and more different exeperiences, different feeling about our bodies, different consciousness about who we are and where we live.  We are on a iconic moment in the history of our civilisation. The old forma mentis leads to war and destrution, to the "we-them dynamic".  If we want to survive, we must change.  How can "Theasophy" and the image of the Goddess support the change? What are the obstacles that prevent our species to combine a common logic with the difference expressions of human tribes?

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StarWisdom and Sophia, a Dedication to Sacred Union

  • Lila Sophia Tresemer  

From the Beginning, there was Sacred Union. Out from the Ineffable One, came the duality that would generate all creation.  In our current existence, we know that masculine and feminine are the principles that together regenerate Life. The mythic understanding of that creation story can be found in Gnostic texts, relating to Sophia. She could not have created this planet and all the diversity of life without the Sun—who represents the Christic light of creation. Gnostics tell of the syzygy, or aeons, in the galactic core who birthed the galaxy and all that lives within it. One of these partnerships was Christos/Sophia.  We will track some of that mythology through sophisticated animations that I produced some years ago.  We will find how that story echoes through all the beauty of embodiment, and the awareness of the wisdom of the stars.

11:00 -

Coffee and Tea Break

Always Available -

Decolonising Sovereignties, Enfleshing Liberation

  • Sara Motta  

Feminised and racialised women and communities in movement across the Global South are decolonising our struggles for liberation and enfleshing through feminist/ised spiritualities a sovereignty beyond the borders that for so long have separated us from ourselves, each other, Madre Tierra and the cosmos. Here reclaiming and healing the territories, of the land and our bodies take centre stage through deep ancestral work and re-mapping of the wounds and wisdoms contained within the body as cosmos/Country. Here we re-turn to cyclical time and the deep whispers and languages of the Old Ones. Here we caress and re-dress the violences of patriarchal capitalist coloniality with multiple languages of the political: the poetic, the embodied, the spiritual, the ancestral and the cultural. In this presentation-enfleshment Sara will share some of these experiences from Colombia, Brazil and Australia as a call to enter the borderlands through a practise of deep listening and mutual fragilization in which we might become in common without erasing our differences.

Always Available -

Katinka Soetens

  • Katinka Soetens  

Always Available -

12 Goddess Archetypes of the Silver Wheel

  • Maria Jones  

In this in person workshop, we will learn about the 12 Goddess Archetypes of the Silver Wheel and uncover them in our own birth chart, with particular focus on the North and south Nodes of fate and destiny which reveal to us the souls evolutionary journey through lifetimes, showing us who we were, and who we are becoming.

12:00 -

Kellianna songs

  • Kellianna  

Kellianna will share with us some of her beautiful songs!

12:30 - 13:15


13:15 -

Lunch Break

30th Jul : AFTERNOON 2.5 hours Workshops
14:30 -




17:00 -


30th Jul : Evening
19:30 -