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The Goddess Conference Forum is specially created for those of us who love the Goddess Conference, to share and to ask any questions you may have about any aspect of the conference.

We have created this forum in four sections (at the moment anyway!), one dedicated to sharing photos and images of the previous Moon Maiden Goddess Conference 2018, one dedicated to sharing stories and experiences from the Moon Maiden Goddess Conference 2018, one dedicated to information about the Sun Lover Goddess Conference 2019, in which various members of the team behind the Goddess Conference will post insights into the theme of the Sun Lover as well as information about the conference too. The final area is solely dedicated to answering your questions, which our team will do to the best of their ability.

To post in the forum, you must make a simple, free account that solely requires your email address and a password (don’t worry, we won’t send you emails from this unless people comment/like your post). Please follow the link to access the forum, and we hope you enjoy what comes from it.