Can I bring my child?

Sure – there are children’s workshops and other events for young people as well as special ‘Artemis’ tickets for children and young people.

Does the Goddess Conference also allow men to participate?

Absolutely, we welcome all Goddess loving and Goddess curious people!

I’m disabled – can I still come to the Conference?

Glastonbury Town Hall is accessible to wheelchairs but many of the other buildings we use unfortunately are not. We do have Melissas who can assist, and a special team who might be able to offer an alternative if you’re unable to walk on the landscape there are


What happens once I’ve booked my ticket online?

When you buy your ticket online, you will be sent a confirmation once your payment has arrived with us safely. It may take us a few days to send this confirmation email. We will email a ticket to you in good time before the conference. Please either print the ticket, or show it to us on your phone, so we can check it when you arrive at the conference.

Can I pay in cash or by cheque?

We encourage everybody to pay by online bank transfer. If you do not have online banking, you can go to your bank and pay directly into the Goddess Conference’s bank account. Details of the account are shown at checkout when you book your ticket online. We do not accept payment by cheque. You can pay in cash on the door, at registration, however if you buy a full conference ticket it is cheaper to buy your ticket in advance!

I live abroad. How can I best pay for my ticket?

If you live abroad it is best to pay via TransferWise directly into the Goddess Conference’s bank account. You can pay via PayPal, but they do take a substantial percentage of the payment so we ask you to pay by bank transfer if possible.

PayPal won’t accept my credit/debit card

There isn’t much we can do about PayPal, but it is always worth trying again, perhaps with a different card. Failing that, you can pay us via TransferWise or by direct banking.

My computer crashed mid-payment by PayPal

It’s unlikely any money was taken from your account, but if you have a PayPal account then you can easily check. If you receive notification from us that we have received an order, it doesn’t necessarily mean that payment was taken as unpaid orders are placed “on hold”. Do contact us if you would like more information.

I ordered a ticket but gave the wrong email/name/address. What should I do?

Contact us with details and we’ll do what we can to help.

Can I cancel my booking for a refund?

The Conference does not issue refunds. However, you can sell your ticket to another participant, if you let us know in advance so we can reissue the ticket in the new person’s name before the conference begins.


I’ve just missed the last date for Brighde tickets. Not fair!

The last payment dates for Brighde tickets is published on the website by 1st February each year, giving you until 31st April to purchase them. I’m afraid that if you have missed the date, we can’t change that, but you can always book earlier next year!

I’m ordering my tickets very late and am worried I won’t receive them by post in time.

We do not send out paper tickets, since all will be handled via email. We will email a ticket to you in good time before the conference. Please either print the ticket, or show it to us on your phone, so we can check it when you arrive at the conference.

Can I book the workshops I want to attend?

We encourage everybody to book their workshops at Registration on the Tuesday of the Conference, to give everyone a fair chance. If there is something you particularly want to attend, contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

Can I pay cash at the door?

Yes, in many cases – but it is better to book in advance, to ensure you don’t miss out on anything. It’s also possible that some popular events simply won’t have room on the day. And especially when you buy a full conference ticket it is worth buying the ticket in advance.

I’ve been approved as a Melissa – how do I pay the deposit?

The Queen Bee or Melissa Mother will give you a special link to the correct page on our website when it becomes available.

I’ve been told I can have a Kwan Yin (compassion) ticket – how can I order one?

You can order via the Kwan Yin button on the website from 1st February. This will send your request to someone who will review your application for the ticket.


Do I need to attend registration on Tuesday if I have a day ticket for later in the week?

No. We will have details of your booking at the front desk.

Can you suggest accommodation?

We don’t make recommendations, but there is a list of local accommodation on this local website: http://www.glastonbury.co.uk/pages/site.php?pgid=251 and there are also many options on www.airbnb.co.uk. We do recommend that you book your accommodation early, because Glastonbury is busy in the Summer months and the B&B’s get booked up early.

Where do I eat during the Conference Week?

We have a lovely cafe in the Town Hall during the week, which serves drinks, cakes and lunches. For dinner there are many wonderful places to choose from in town.

Alternative arrangements

There is disabled entrance to the Town Hall via the Information Centre (next to the Car Park on Magdalene Street) There is hearing loop in the Town Hall for those who are deaf. 

Those who need special assistance, please contact us beforehand, so we can get you in contact with the right people or discuss necessary arrangements. 

Can I phone the conference?

Sure, you can call us on +44 (0)7948 079671.

What is the idea for the Gala Masque?

The Gala Masque is the opportunity to expressing your deeper Divine Self! Come in your finery as the Goddess or God you are. This is more than simply donning a mask or veil; we won’t let you in if you are not dressed up!

What time does the masque finish? I want to order a taxi.

Usually around 11pm. The taxis are right across the road from the Town Hall.

Can I have a stall/art exhibition?

You need to contact us by September after this year’s Conference to discuss a stall/exhibition for next year’s Conference. By the time the website goes live, we are already fully booked.

Can I bring my dog to the conference?

Sorry – we can only accept guide/assistance dogs. If you’re planning to bring a guide or assistance dog, please do let us know beforehand, because we might need to make special arrangements for people with allergies.

Do I really need to dress up for the Gala Masque?

Yes – come in your finery as the Goddess or God you are. This is more than simply donning a mask or veil, it’s about expressing your deeper self. We won’t let you in without it!

Are there any free events at the conference?

There are Exhibitions in the Miracles Room (in the Glastonbury Experience) and in The Brighde Room in Goddess House (Magdalene Street). You are also welcome to join in the procession which leaves from the Town Hall at approximately 10am on the Sunday.  And don’t miss a chance to visit the craft stalls in the small Town Hall, which are also free to visit (venues may change from year to year, but you can ask at the conference front desk).