Faces of the Crone: Gail Page-Gibson

Faces of the Crone: Gail Page-Gibson

Faces of the Crone

Crones we love and celebrate as trail blazing Goddess Conference Elders

An honouring series of beloved Crones who the Goddess Conference co-organisers have personal connection with, randomly chosen from a selection of photos by Ann Cook, Conference photographer of the last 20+ years.

Of course, there are many more trail blazing elders in the Goddess movement and beloved Crones of the Conference; this series stands to celebrate them all through the examples of these women, and the appreciation we have for them.

Gail Page-Gibson

It is not always needed to be a priestess, to walk your talk and live in ‘Goddess ways’.

This time I would like to remember Gail Page-Gibson. One of the beloved conference crone participants, who is sadly no longer with us, but always in our hearts.

Gail came to the Goddess Conference for the first time with her daughter Julia Page-Gibson (better known as Peege). Gail was brought up with high church ceremony (bells and smells) and had been part of a theatre group, both playing (lead role) and directing, so she fitted right into the energy of the Goddess Conference. Gail had a big heart, an open mind, and was welcoming to anyone. She always wanted to have a big family, and she and her beloved husband Joe, opened their hearts and home to many foster children, serving the Goddess ways in her own unique way. She was honoured by Peege at the last Crone Conference, as she so deserved, and she will always be missed!

I remember Gail as somebody who was always there to give you encouragement, a kind word and a warm hug. I remember her sitting on the side of the hall during the Gala one Conference, and when I was really tired after five days priestessing and being on the dance floor literally dancing my socks off, I ended up by chance on an empty chair next to her. She immediately turned to me and complimented me on all the work we were doing, making this all possible, saying how much she enjoyed it. This was such a beautiful and unexpected gift to receive, coming out of the blue and clearly straight from her heart, that I will always remember it.

Gail was always there for who needed her, just for a hug or to talk about their challenging relationships with their mother, or just life in general. For me she was one of those people who, whenever I saw her, whether it was early morning or late evening, always observed quietly, but at the same time was very present with kind, smiling eyes that shone Goddess out into the world.

It is these qualities for which I honour Gail Page-Gibson as beloved Goddess Conference Elder.

Marion Brigantia van Eupen

Goddess Conference co-organiser

With thanks to Susan van Soest