Faces of the Crone: Erin McCauliff

Faces of the Crone: Erin McCauliff

Faces of the Crone

Crones we love and celebrate as trail blazing Goddess Conference Elders

An honouring series of beloved Crones who the Goddess Conference co-organisers have personal connection with, randomly chosen from a selection of photos by Ann Cook, Conference photographer of the last 20+ years.

Of course, there are many more trail blazing elders in the Goddess movement and beloved Crones of the Conference; this series stands to celebrate them all through the examples of these women, and the appreciation we have for them.

Erin McCauliff

What can I even begin to say about Erin that would do her justice.
Without a doubt one of the very best priestesses that Avalon has ever produced, she totally inspires me in her dedication and wisdom. 

I have seen this woman stay dignified and in service to her commitments, while facing hardship or disappointment, while holding ceremony and teaching the priestess of Avalon training spirals, and while enduring the very challenging circumstances in which she cares for, and makes herself available to, those in need around her. 

She never fails to show up, she does what it takes to the best of her ability and is exemplary in her generosity and attention to detail, while always staying humble and owning insecurities, mistakes or places where we may seek knowledge to fill the gaps in our understanding or experience. 

I am in awe of her as she demonstrates her deepening, and more internally reflective compassion, as she grows into her Crone self, still empowering those younger than her, while keeping her sense of fun and joy for life in circumstance that would challenge the bravest.

Erin originally comes from the US, California, though in her youth she also spent some time on Crete, where her love for animals was enhanced by the friendship with beach donkeys, and a fearless fondness of adventure and travel was started.
The alternative scene of the 60’s awakened her spirituality, love for all sorts of music, Goddess centric world awareness, as well as her interest in healing.
After living on a houseboat in San Francisco, she came to the UK and worked as a neo-natal nurse for many years in the South West. 

Here she connected to the spiritual community in Glastonbury and the Goddess Conference specifically, through which she decided to train and dedicate as Priestess of Avalon. From a genuine desire to empower and enhance the awakening of people, she took on the responsibility of honouring the ‘priestess of Avalon’ teachings and brought them out by offering them to students for many years.

Perhaps seen as ‘old-school’ because she taught from the heart and from experience, and in her insistence on commitment and the ‘walking of the talk in action’ through what she offered as tutor, Erin served Goddess and her own ongoing journey into and with Avalon, in a quiet and unassuming manner that is loved and appreciated by all who are able to recognise these qualities.  

Many of her students would not be where they are today in their spiritual and human development if their path had not crossed Erin’s as their teacher. This is why there is such a real appreciation and lasting love for her amongst many who know her from the Goddess Conference ceremonial group, the Avalon priest/ess training spirals and her workshop offerings abroad. 

I have loved working with Erin in the ceremonial group, where her wise input and powerful embodiment helped carry and create some of the best ceremonies we have ever done as Goddess Conference priestesses.
I’ve also loved being asked by her to come in and assist her on the priestess of Avalon year 1 and 2 as ‘lovely’ and later for the Beltane weekends, and to witness her ability to work with such a variety of people.
But an especially fond place in my heart is for our travels together. We share a love for Italy and Crete and it has been such a blessing in my life to share these passionate delights with a fellow sister-priestess of Avalon.

Erin has shown me both the power of priestessing from the inside out, the beauty of asking for help, and of sisterhood in the true and lived meaning of the word. For all of this, and for so much more than I can express, I honour Erin McCauliff as trail blazing Goddess Conference Elder. 

Katinka Soetens
Goddess Conference co-organiser