Meet Our wonderful Speakers


With Celtic and eastern influences, the 3 Daft Monkeys’ dynamic style of world folk music reflects the global village in w


    has a lifelong passion for history and an emphasis on what is still known as pre-history. He has explored many ancient and sa


    is an active Priestess of the Goddess and a transpersonal psychotherapist, a wife, mother and dancer.


    is a birther of visions and dreams. Creator of the Blessed Bee products, teacher of the Priestess Healer course, Facilitator


    is a Priestess of Avalon & Gnostic Priestess of Sophia-Magdalene. With a MSc degree specialising in Goddess Paganism & Gnosti


    was raised in the goddess tradition, learning about ceremony and sustainable living. She is a writer, artist, nature lover an


      is a Priestess of Avalon and Cerridwen, an Awenydd (Inspirer), a Swynwraig™ (Wise Woman), OBOD Ovate (Druidic Healer) as we


      Brooke Medicine Eagle is a legendary Earthkeeper, wisdom teacher, healer, visionary, singer/songwriter, shamanic practitioner


      Storyteller Priestess  - I work with and in story, following where Goddess leads me.


      is a Priest of the Goddess & of Avalon.


        was formed by Priestess of Avalon, Sally Pullinger, and fulfills her deep and lifelong desire and vision to make music to l

          DOV AHAVA

          My training is shamanic (in the US, Mexico, UK and Siberia) and my roots are deep in the belly of beloved MOTHER EARTH. I am

          (La Voz de TARA)

          Born in the mthical Atlantis (today’s Canary Islands) of the indigenous Canarii tribe of Gran Canaria.

          FRANCES ELEY

          is an artist, writer, healer and experienced facilitator and speaker. She is an academic, Classical archaeologist and lecture


            was born and raised in Avalon in a Goddess and earth spirituality tradition. Her mother and grandmother are Priestesses of Av

              GINA WILLOW

              is a Priestess of Avalon and a Priestess Ceremonialist. She facilitates Goddess workshops and trainings, awakening people to

              GRAELL CORSINI

              is the Founder and Director of the Goddess Temple of Ashland, Oregon, International Workshop Leader, Priestess Birth and Deat

              HANNAH GWAWR

              is Shamanka and Priestess of Brigantia initiated, she has also received teachings from the art of mentoring who mentor youth

              HANNAH WILLOW

              I am an artist and jewellery maker, and I live by an old apple orchard on a large organic farm in Wiltshire, close by Stonehe

              HAZEL EVANS

              Artist, Writer, Performer, Singer, Pilgrim, Priestess, Human Being. Hazel is a Priestess of Love and Sacred Sexuality, Rhiann


              has always walked a combined path of music and healing.


              is a Priestess of Avalon, a Priestess of the Goddess, an Integrative Dance Instructor and a certified teacher for Tribal Sty

              IRANZU GONAZPI

              is a sacred and professional dancer. Her life is devoted to the Goddess and The dance. She dances since she was five years ol


                priestess, has been teaching framedrumming since 1999. Inspired by the ancient tradition of this musical instrument, she taug

                JANA DE MADRID

                Madrid is a Priestess of Avalon and Priestess of Iberia. Member of the ceremonial team of the two first Goddess Conferences o

                  JANET PARFIT

                  I was born in Aylesbury but lived in London until I was eighteen when I moved to Bristol.

                    JEWELS WINGFIELD

                    Powerful catalyst for change, soul alchemist, an earth steward, a high priestess and a wild force of nature.

                    JOAN CICHON

                    is a Priestess of Avalon, has a PhD in Women’s Spirituality from the California Institute of Integral Studies. 

                      JOANNE BRITTON

                      I am Priestess of the Goddess and part of the Goddess Temple of London.

                        JULIE FELIX

                        What a tale she has to tell, this legend of the folk music world, singer, songwriter, guitarist, peace activist, spiritualist

                          JUNE SOMERVILLE

                          I am a Priestess of Avalon with an interest in emotional healing.

                            KARIN PERSONS

                            is a passionate Aries MoonWoman, Priestess of the Goddess and, on her personal path, deeply connected to Hekate.

                            KATHY JONES

                            is a Priestess of Avalon, Priestess of Goddess, Founder, Creative Director & Temple Weaver of Glastonbury Goddess Temple, God

                            KATIE HOFFNER

                            is a social changemaker who likes to help manifest big ideas that make the world a better place.  

                              KATIE PLAYER

                              is a Priestess of Avalon, and past Conference Ceremonlialist, with a background in Community Arts and Theatre. S

                              KATINKA SOETENS

                              is a Ceremonialist of the Goddess and co-organiser of The Goddess Conference, Priestess of Avalon and a Sacred Sexual Prieste

                              KAY DAYTON

                              I am an Artist and a certified provider of TRE (Tension & Trauma Release Exercises).

                              LEONIE STOUT

                              As a 43 year wise woman, I have stepped through the gate of the magic phase between 40 and 42, tried en tested I discovered t

                              LUCY LILAVATI

                              I am a Priestess Healer, Yoga Teacher, Aromatherapist and Beauty Therapist. My path is working with women from their first mo

                              LUNA SILVER

                              is a Priestess of Avalon and First and Second Spiral teacher of the Priestess of Avalon training. She is a Glastonbury Goddes

                                LYNNE SEDGEMORE

                                is a priestess healer, temple melissa, soul coach, leadership developer, retreat facilitator and poetess. She is a mother, st

                                  MANON LARTET

                                  started her spiritual path 13 years ago in Paris. At Imbolc 2016, she moved to Glastonbury, answering the call to Her sacred

                                    MARION BRIGANTIA

                                    Marion van Eupen is a Priestess of Brighde-Brigantia and of Avalon and sister of Rhiannon. She is better known by her Prieste

                                    MARISA PICARDO

                                    is Priestess of Rhiannon, a therapist, healer, Soul Midwife/End of life Doula and celebrant. She walks Rhiannon’s path of l

                                    MAYA VASSALLO

                                    is the founder of the Tempio della Grande Dea in Roma, the Temple of the Great Goddess to which she dedicates her life, servi

                                    MELANIE MURPHY

                                    I am and a Goddess Loving, Earth Dancing Mumma who lives in London.  I am a Qoya Teacher, Priestess Healer, Kinesiologist, F

                                    MIGUEL DEAN

                                    was born in England in 1968. The sudden death of his mother led to a tumultuous childhood and on leaving home he soon found h

                                    MIRANDA GRAY

                                    Miranda is an internationally renowned spiritual teacher on the cyclic nature of women and women’s spirituality and energie

                                    NANDINI GIBBINS

                                    is a Priestess of Goddess and Brigid, a Tutor, Healer and Complementary Therapist for over 16 years.

                                    NIKKI SWANN

                                    I feel so energised and enlivened to be able to work with Goddess, and to enable other people to connect with her, and experi

                                      PAOLA BLANTON

                                      M.A., is a World Dance Alchemist and Archetypal Scholar whose career spans a lifetime around the globe. A passionate believer

                                        ROSE FLINT

                                        has been Priestess-Poet for the Goddess Conference since the beginning.

                                          ROZ BOUND

                                          writer, healer, elder, and Priestess of Gaia, creates safe and sacred space as she nurtures writers in their transformational

                                            SADHU VALKHILYAS

                                            lives and works in service of love. He serves Rhiannon, Goddess of Love as Her Sacred Sexual Priest. He delights in sharing t

                                            SALLY BRYANT

                                            is a Priestess of Rhiannon, Movement Dance Therapist and accredited Councellor and Rebirther.

                                              SALLY PULLINGER

                                              is a professional medium, healer, composer, musician & grandmother, who has lived in Avalon for 34 years.

                                              SAUCCO DE TRIVIA

                                              is a professional and Sacred Dancer, Priest of the Goddess and Priest of Iberia. He is a Master of Ceremonies and facilitator

                                                SILVA RAWNSLEY

                                                has attended the Glastonbury Goddess Conference since she was 6 months old and now at the age of seventeen she has been a par

                                                  SOPHIE JENNA

                                                  has been following a Goddess spirituality path since the age of 16 when she first came to the Glastonbury Goddess Conference,


                                                    Starhawk is a co-founder of the Reclaiming tradition and the author or coauthor of thirteen books on earth-based spirituality

                                                    TERENCE MEADEN

                                                    Terence Meaden is a Wiltshireman of the oldest ancestral stock with family lines reaching to chalkland villages all around Av

                                                    YVETTE STAELENS

                                                    is a trained natural voice practitioner who believes that everyone can sing.

                                                    ZINDRA ANDERSSON

                                                    I am a Priestess of Avalon, a Swedish Völva, and Priestess of Freya. I am the course founder and tutor of the Goddess Templ