Empowering your rebirth

Empowering your rebirth

Spring is in the air, the flowers push their courageous heads through the cold, damp soil. It is the time of year when the land rebirths itself. The trees are being crowned with delicate star-like blossoms that are echoed in the crystalline brilliance of the corona borealis constellation in the night sky above us.

(Photo by Avena Rawnsley)

The corona borealis constellation is linked with the star queen who epitomises rebirth, Astarte. In this time of year as the land warms and comes alive again it presents the perfect time to consider what needs to be reborn in our lives so that we can stand tall in our shine as sovereigns to our realms. This time of year, is also a good time to focus on the beauty of the rebirthing world around us and allow the stars and the natural cycles of the seasons to empower the rebirths within ourselves. There are countless ways that you might want to do this and in this blog I suggest just a couple.

One beautiful way to connect with the rebirths that we want to empower in ourselves is to take a moment to stargaze. I suggest taking a journal and writing implement in case you want to write down any insights, and making yourself a Herbal infusion or a glass of something delicious. Find a place outside or by a window with a good view of the stars.
Take a moment, tune into yourself and the star energy of rebirth and focus on those parts that you want to see reborn, renewed, rejuvenated. Allow the star energy to flow into your body and fill you up. Hold in your mind that this is the energy and love of the star queen Goddesses. Allow Astarte’s power of rebirth to fill you with silver starlight. Let it rush into those places that need to be reborn for you to shine in your sovereignty.
Give yourself as long as you need to visualise places coming alive with Goddess starlight inside you. When you feel full and shining and star bright, when you feel those places of rebirth inside you glowing with sovereignty and love, bring your attention back to your body and your breath and the beauty of the stars above you. It can be powerful to close this practice with a song to the star queen Goddesses. This can be a beautiful way to connect to the stars and the tribal star queen Goddess of rebirth.

(The Riddle by Anders Røkkum)

Another practice to help focus on rebirth at this time of year is to take a walk through the land around where you live. It can be a longer or shorter walk, whatever you feel comfortable with. While you are walking look around you, and take notice of all the signs of spring and the lands rebirth, from tiny things like new grass shorts or small bright lady birds, to larger things such as a tree full of blossom or the warmth of the sun. Find places inside yourself that resonate with these signs of rebirth and listen to what they are asking of you. Focus your attention on these places and let the wonder of the awakening land be a commitment from yourself, to yourself to allow these places inside to be reborn and to grow. This practice can continue for as long as your walk does, or just be a small moment while you are walking.

(Photo by Ria Varma)

These are just two simple ways that you can connect with the Star Goddess Astarte’s empowered rebirth energy. If you have any ways that you like to connect with this energy then please leave a comment and share your practices and experience and help us all to connect to this beautiful star Goddess energy.