Eir of Lyfia – 2024 Goddess Art

Eir of Lyfia – 2024 Goddess Art

The Goddess Conference Logo 2024

Every year we are looking for beautiful Goddess Art to represent the image of that year’s Goddess Conference. In 2024 we are working with the ‘Goddess of Healing’ in the Maiden Year of the new cycle of five years of Goddess exploration and celebration.

The image we found is the depiction of a Goddess of the Norse Pantheon, called Eir of Lyfia, by Tessa Mythos. Tessa was so kind to let us use the image and has written her own description of the painting and devotional prayer to Her below.

The image of Eir of Lyfia struck us as fitting, immediately when we first saw it. She clearly represented the power to heal, but also a feeling of youth combined with sovereignty. We loved how Tessa had incorporated all the elements in the image: the fire of the sun as a halo behind Her, the flowing waters that look to come from Her dress, the clouds in the sky and the incense as a healing tool at Her feet and the multitude of plants and mushrooms that surround Her as the earth aspect. We will be working closely with herbal lore this year, so it was important that there were herbs in the image.

We will be journeying with this image, as well as with our chosen ‘Goddesses of Healing’ as ceremonialists through the year in preparation for when we will meet in Her great Temple of Healing this Summer, and we hope that Eir of Lyfia will inspire you to do the same!


Eir of Lyfia by Tessy Mythos

Eir, Help us heal, our minds, bodies and spirits,
and in turn that we may help others heal,
Give us good health, resilience, and fluidity
Free us of illness and Injury,
That we may face the challenges asked of us
With strength, wisdom and compassion.
Blessed Be

“I started this painting while living in Christiania, Copenhagen in Denmark in 2018, I have so much gratitude for The Goddess Eir and the process of this painting as it was also a deep journey of healing for me with my personal ancestry.

Eir is the Goddess Herbs and Healing in Norse Mythology. Her name means Mercy and Healing and she is known for her compassion and called upon for her ability to help and heal. She is the chief surgeon, and greatest physician, herbalist and healer of the Gods. She is one of the Goddesses who resides on the mountain of Lyfia, (which means to heal through magic).

She gives both physical and psychic means of healing, as well as shamanic healing falls in her realm, even so far as resurrection from death. She is the matron goddess of health care workers, nurses, surgeons, and also oversees childbirth. She is one who rides with the Valkyries, but instead of choosing ones to be brought to Valhalla she chooses the living, those to be returned to life.

Medicinal herbs associated with Eir are comfrey, angelica, yarrow, and bistort as are pictured here in her medicine garden. I have taken some mythic liberty in adding the well of Mimir at her feet, within her magic circle ( with the eye of Odin ), envisioning that she would make her medicines with the waters of wisdom to cure and heal her patients.”

May Eir bless you with health and healing
and may her magic fill your days with
wisdom, compassion and grace.

The original and Prints of the painting “Eir of Lyfia”
Oil and Egg Tempera on Canvas 32″ x 40″ Goddess
Available on my website: www.artbymythos.com