Equality, Diversity and Inclusion




The Glastonbury Goddess Conference Inclusion Statement

Throughout time, Goddess has been present in all cultures around the world and has been a focus for the spiritual practices of many different genders, races, sexualities and diverse people.

We at Glastonbury Goddess Conference continue this legacy and understand Goddess to be represented in many forms and many faces.

The facets of Goddess are many. 

We see Goddess in all of Her sacred lands, all Her people across many continents. We see Her in the hearts of all those that love in many different ways, in all minds whether neurodiverse or neurotypical and in the bodies of all, trans, cis, able and lesser able.

This is why we are working to ensure equity and inclusion of diversity at conference. Awareness of LGBTQ+ issues, race related issues, disability, neurodiversity, trauma, gender, mental health and other issues concerning identity are all important to us. We are developing practices that are inclusive, yet we understand that this is a journey for us, and we are continuing to grow and better understand and meet the needs of all attendees.

We at Glastonbury Goddess Conference will not accept any form of discriminatory language or actions towards any attendees, workshop facilitators, presenters or any members of the conference team ‘based on these criteria’.  Any incidents of such will be dealt with within the guidance and provisions of the Equality Act 2010.

This year at conference we are working to put in place certain provisions to support those with protected characteristics. 


We will be holding Rainbow Circles for all those attendees that identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community or those who are allies of.

We invite anyone who identifies as a woman to take part in woman only spaces where indicated

We invite anyone who identifies as a man to take part in possible man only spaces where indicated

We will be clarifying the accessibility of all our venues and communicating this via Tuesday morning registration and daily updates

We will be providing the necessary, although limited seating at the larger gatherings for those with physical disabilities

We are intending to provide a carpool system whereby those attendees with mobility issues, who do not have their own transport, will be supported to travel to and from ceremonial sites

We will provide badges to communicate not wanting to be wanting to receive any form of physical contact such as hugging, and ask all attendees to respect the wishes of others

This year we are working with the Goddess of Healing. The nature of healing can be deep and powerful. We are aware that the topic may trigger traumas or difficulties from the past and within the psyche, hearts and souls of attendees. We have asked all workshop facilitators to bring an awareness of this to their offerings and ask them to conduct their workshops in a way that is trauma aware and inclusive. If at any point of the conference something difficult does come up for you that needs support with, please reach out to one of our Welfare Fairies (see further on) or ask to speak to a Priestess Counsellor. A conference Mellissa or any member of the conference team or Priestess Circle can point you in their direction.

We aim for Glastonbury Goddess Conference to be as inclusive as possible and are especially interested to hear from people of colour as to how we may better our offerings. If you do encounter an issue please reach out to a member of the team and we will do our best to support with it and learn from any challenges that arise. We offer an ongoing invitation to give feedback and share ideas to develop inclusion at the conference.


Hello from your Welfare Fairies!

Blessed Be and Big Hugs from this year’s Conference Welfare Fairies Sharlea and Joe!

We are here to support with all things regarding equity, diversity and inclusion. Whether you need help to get from ceremony site to the main hall, want to raise an issue about safety, have a question about accessibility or just need a quick chat to get something off your chest, they are your Fairies!

Sharlea is a Priestess of Avalon, Priestess Registrar for legal marriages in the Goddess Temple, has a background in nursing and is fierce ally to both the neurodiverse and LGBTQ+ communities.

Joe is Priest of Indigo Earth, qualified psychotherapeutic counsellor, works in homelessness and mental health and is part of the BAME and LGBTQ+ communities.

They will be available to meet with and discuss EDI issues on registration day and throughout the conference and you will recognise them wearing green sashes emblazoned with the words “Welfare Fairy”. 

A message on wellness and seeking support

This year we honour the Goddess of Healing. As Brigid, the Exalted One, Goddess of serenity and poetry, of passion and fire. As Airmed, whose tears the world’s healing herbs sprouted from. As Aja, the powerful healer in Yoruba legend. As Sirona, honoured as a deity of healing springs and waters. All Goddesses guiding us on our healing journey towards wholeness. 

At conference we hope to offer you space to walk your own healing journey. And as the healing waters can be deep and strong they can also stir up in us forgotten pains, difficult memories and fresh wounds. We ask that you care for yourself by holding a gentle awareness to your own traumas, triggers and personal challenges and remind you to offer yourself compassion and time to process anything that comes up for you. 

If you feel something has arisen that might need further support, we have Priestess Counsellors available who will be able to hold you in that moment. 

Our Priestess Counsellors are qualified therapists with backgrounds in mental health and experience working with all common and challenging life problems. They will be able to help you integrate and any difficult experiences and signpost you to any further help, if needed. To be directed towards the help of a Priestess Counsellor please just reach out to a Welfare Fairy, a conference Melissa or any member of the conference team or Priestess Circle. 

We at Glastonbury Goddess Conference understand how important wellness and good mental health is in allowing our souls to grow and our lives to thrive. We hope to hold a space for all people, who struggle in this or not, to find sanctuary, peace and healing.