Crowning the vision, owning your realm.

Crowning the vision, owning your realm.

When the star queens speak, they tell us that they are standing tall, crowned by stars, leaders and protectors of their realms. They call us to listen, and to speak.

Maeve is the queen who crowns Herself. She whose vision is far-seeing, who protects Her realm with a fierce passion and who loves and is loved by Her people. She steps into the discomfort of questioning with grace and clarity. She is a Goddess of starlight and the power to crown Her own visions, and She invites us to do the same.
Our visions are beautiful things, holy and honest and hopeful. They give us the strength to stand strong for what we believe in. They deserve our respect. Our realms can be filled with visions of clarity and inspiration, but for our visions, our dreams, to become our reality we must speak with truth and honesty. We must accept all that we are, including the uncomfortable parts, the shadow parts, the parts that we do not feel confident about.

What is it that being a queen, king or sovereign will allow us to say, what visions will we be able to crown into reality? Are willing ready and willing to allow this of ourselves? It will require us to show up, not just sometimes when we are in a good mood but every day, through all of the challenges and all of the bad times, it will require us to take long hard looks at ourselves and the reality that our actions create. THere will be times when it hurts, times that it makes us question everything we think we believe in. But if we do it, if we speak with integrity and act with love, staying connected to source and to Goddess, what rewards might we reap? It is glorious. To live in our truth and our shine we must claim our realms and we must protect them, from our own avoidance and self-sabotage as much as form anything.
Are we as women, as men, as humans, are we allowing ourselves to shine to our star brightest? Are we allowing ourselves the right to stand tall, to sing loud, to love with our full heart? Are we giving ourselves the grace and glory to be fully ourselves in every moment? That is one of the gifts of Maeve and of the star queens, they do not hide from the darkness, they shine through it and light it up, make even the darkness beautiful. This is the gift of Maeve, as She invites you to drink from Her elixir and to be crowned a queen, She gives us the ability to sit in darkness and shine still.

Spirituality can be a map to guide us in creating our Queendoms, our Kingdoms, but tHere is also the potential that it can mask our truths with spiritual bypassing and toxic positivity. THere are spiritual paths that are filled with light and beauty, but tHere can be darkness too, for without shadow tHere is no light and sometimes the most beautiful things can be found in the soft dark of night. Dreams dwell tHere and visions of truth, comfort and soft starlight.
Maeve invites us to look into these darker shadows along our chosen path and to challenge the things that we find tHere. Why is it the ‘Love and Light’ have become the hallmarks of spiritual awareness? What is the drive behind the desire to be constantly evolving into higHer beings? Why do we choose to look for answers in otHer realms or different plains?
We should always be willing to examine our choices and spiritual paths to see if they are still allowing us to speak our truth, to stand as sovereigns in our realms. If we find, upon closer examination that tHere are parts of these paths that no longer support us, we, as queens and kings, should be willing to challenge, to speak out against injustice.

To crown ourselves as sovereigns of our realms we must first understand what we are doing. It is easy to claim Queendom or Kingdom without fully comprehending what we are signing up for, without fully knowing what we are claiming. It is a choice that can be filled with tension, because it makes us uncomfortable to face the darkness. But drink from Maeve’s elixir and take the time to breath into what you are seeking and what you are claiming when you crown yourself as sovereign of your realm.
Within ourselves and within our chosen spiritual paths, however open, free, and empowering they may be, tHere can be areas that are easily twisted to ignore core truths or values. It is our job as sovereigns is to seek out these parts of us, these places in our beliefs that are not aligned to the piercing brightness of our starlight truths.

Before we can be crowned as Queen or King, we must learn to accept the responsibility that comes with that status. THere will be times when it is not comfortable, when we must re-examine values and belief structures.
THere are times when we must speak out against injustice; when people are marginalised, when the land is desecrated, when we or our loved ones are hurt. This right, this necessity to speak up, may well rock the spiritual community that we have surrounded ourselves with. It may cause long lasting ripples. But if the community that we have chosen is truly supporting our Queendom or Kingdom, then the ripples will spread out and empower more people to speak for what they believe in, to speak their truths.