Crowning the vision in the world

Crowning the vision in the world

This world is so full of constant movement and constant information. The world, that this year, is full of fear, disconnection and outright destruction, both physical and emotional. In this world, our world, the Star Queen Goddesses invite us to sit in stillness. They show us what it means to stand in sovereignty when events beyond out control threaten the very fabric of our realms, our communities and our world.
If this year has shown us anything it is that kindness and understanding are key, but so is knowing our own moral boundaries, trusting ourselves well enough to know how far we are willing to go for what we know to be right. This is part of the lessons of the Star Queens and of the Goddess Maeve in particular.

This virus is a lesson in the distortion of the queen and king archetype, it is literally named ‘Crown’. As this second wave of corona virus, crown virus, takes the world in its clutches and forces us to stillness we can begin to see a distortion of Queen or King. Here we can see what happens when power is given to fear and we stop seeing each other as sacred. In this time, we can see a movement from authentic sovereign to corrupt ruler. We rule ourselves in unhealthy ways and attempt to impose those rules on those around us rather than guide and help each other.

Let us look to Maeve as a source of truth and inspiration, as a wise and clearsighted teacher in how to remain sovereign to oneself. In Her mythology She had to claim Her Queendom time and again from those who attempted to use fear and violence to take it from Her. The more violent and terrifying the act, the more clearly Maeve stood Her ground in Her sovereignty, the more existential the threat, the more purposefully She would call Her people together. She did not allow fear to separate them. The crown that She wears, one of vision and far seeing, is a crown of starlight that illuminates not just Her but shines on all of those within Her realm, bringing them into Her community, into their own power with Her.

Maeve is not a queen who pushes others down to get Her power, but one who lights others up so that they may step into their own truth and sovereignty.

In these times when fear lurks around the corners of once safe streets, when the faces of those we know and love might become a threat to our safety, when it is hard to trust anything even our own health, we can follow the example of the Star Queen Goddess, of Maeve.

We can crown ourselves with that starlight crown so that we can empower others. We must trust in our visions and our truths and we must remember that our truth may not be the truth for all others, and that this does not mean that we should exclude those who have different beliefs from our community. Multiple visions are possible and Maeve, in Her starlit crown among the star queen Goddesses, shows us this. She tells us not to let fear be the crown we wear, rather seek to lift each other out of fear and judgment and crown ourselves with sovereignty, with compassion, kindness and trust.