Beauty and Body Art Parlour

Christine * Exquisitely Edited Photo Shoots

We are constantly changing, not just physically but as persons, we evolve and grow all the time. For Christine, photography is a way to celebrate the changes and make them timeless. After a decade of creating in the photography world and working mostly with women, her only goal is to catch what the inner-self expresses, be it a mighty Goddess or soft Fairy… Christine’s creativity is focused to fulfill and capture your dreams.
She is a photographer behind the Slavic Goddess calendar, a project by Lilia Khousnoutdinova, project were over 40 women joined together in order to embody various Goddesses. Photography and fine art creations of this photographer constantly emerge in celebration of strength, beauty, and uniqueness of a woman.
During goddess festival, you can meet Christine, see her work and order your own tailor-made fine art photography package :
  1. One beautiful edited picture  -£100  (no makeup artist included)
  1. 3 beautiful edited pictures (possibility of changing outfit 2 times during the session, no makeup artist included ) -£250

Robyn * Henna and Jagua Temporary Tattoos

All Natural Henna & Jagua Tattoos, both are made with all natural plant materials that will stain the skin for 1 to 4 weeks. Henna is a leaf native to dry climates of India, Middle East & North Africa. Jagua is a berry from the rainforests of South America. Henna will stain a reddish/brown colour. Jagua will stain a blue/black colour. Choosing designs and symbols that support you in the moment and where you place them on your body are ways to work with body art for healing purposes. Temporary henna & jagua tattoos are traditionally done for celebrations, rites of passage, rituals, ceremonies, marking special occasions and just for fun!

Robyn Jean is a Sister of Avalon and professional henna artist. She has studied and offered temporary body art, including all natural henna, jagua and face painting for over 10 years. Her focus is offering temporary body as part of ceremony, ritual and healing. She has offered henna as a healing modality for many years, incorporating reiki, aromatherapy and meditation into her healing henna sessions. She works with her henna paste energetically, adding reiki, water from sacred springs, flower essences and essential oils to benefit you emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Robyn Jean has worked with many traditional cultural designs and motifs, from Egyptian and North African to Arabic and Indian. She has also developed a portfolio of Pagan and Celtic style designs and works with Nordic runes and the ancient Ogham tree language.

Tania Woodward * Hairsparkles

Andrea Child * Body and Face painting