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Thursday 28th - Sunday 31st July 2022


Through the mist of time, and out of the mists of Avalon, the Sovereign Goddess is rising.

At Lammas time 2022 we will meet Her, as we come together for a four-day, in-person
Goddess Conference to Celebrate the Sovereign Goddess of Avalon in Her many forms,
in a bridge year between the Star Queen and Otherworld Crone archetypes.


We will be journeying with different Celtic Sovereign Goddesses who were historically
worshipped in and around Avalon, and who show us healthy forms of inner sovereignty.

She calls us, asking us to come together to explore and share the many different
ways in which She has been loved, recognised, worshipped and celebrated in these
sacred lands, over many eons.

Who was She, for the ancestors of this land, who build the Tor Labyrinth where Her
original Temple stood, and where Her priestesses wove Her mysteries to
ripple into the landscape around?

What may Her name and face have been for the mystery keepers of the sacred ways,
for the guardians of Her Red and White springs and those who remembered Her
primordial Dragon presence, deep in the energy of the land?

How did She speak to the people who hid Her memory in the Arthurian
esoteric legends and the mystery teachings of initiation?

And how does She manifest for us now, as She illuminates what it means to be
deeply rooted in the sacredness of our intimate connection to the land and our
responsibility to Her as Sovereign Goddess of place?

This year’s Goddess Conference will be in celebration of nine different ancestral
Celtic Sovereign Goddesses
worshipped in and around Avalon at different times.

We honour the presence and welcome the loving wisdom of:

Nimue, Rosmerta, Don, Epona, Morgan, Kundry, Nemetona, Brigid and Elaine.

We’ll celebrate this sister circle of Sovereign Goddesses of Avalon, with ceremony,
song, dance, sacred fire and elemental blessings, performances, presentations, music
and connection to the sacred landscape of Avalon that is Her realm.

She illuminates what it means to be deeply rooted in the sacredness of our intimate
connection to the land and our responsibility to Her as Sovereign Goddess of place.

She shows us healthy forms of inner sovereignty, through mystical portals of
connection to magic and remembrance, around how we can live Goddess-ways
in today’s world, in a power-with, and inclusive manner.



During the 2022 Sovereign Goddess of Avalon Conference, we will journey
to find how to belong to, and live with the land in this manner once more.

Come join us for four magical days: 28th to 31st July 2022, to celebrate the
Sovereign Goddess of Avalon, with fringe events from the 24th July.

You will experience:

0 Wonderful inspirational presentations and workshops from Goddess loving
presenters from all over the world

0 Transformational ceremonies in the specially created Temple to the
Sovereign Goddess of Avalon in Glastonbury

0 An evening in Chalice Well and within the sacred land of Avalon for ceremony,
Lammas fire and elemental emergence into Her loving presence.

0 Goddess procession through Glastonbury town and onto the Tor
for a Lammas gratitude fruit-feast ceremony

0 Fabulous Goddess Gala evening, come dressed as your favourite deity,
Goddess or God, Elemental or Dragon

0 Wonderful Goddess art exhibition and Goddess craft market

0 Devotional singing, music, dancing, performances and concerts

0 Coming together in Dragon Circles and so much more,



One of the extras in this year’s Glastonbury Goddess Conference, is a very special
‘Unity through Diversity in Goddess’ ceremony.

The last few years have certainly shown us all the importance of co-operation,
of supportive, kind and generous ways of being, of love-in-action.

These are the real means of bringing harmony to the heart chakra of the planet.
These are the ways in which inner sovereignty manifests as a true new paradigm
so needed in the world.

Led into the realm of Avalon by the guidance of the Sovereign Goddesses,
we get to embrace amazing healing, insight and transformation, as She shows
us clearly what She is asking us all to be inclusively active in creating in our
lives, hearts and world.

The Goddess Conference organisers and pillar holders have therefore been
reaching out to, and coming together with, those who wish to join us from the
different paths and sacred places that honour and work with Goddess in Glastonbury.

Together we will be standing up for ‘unity through diversity in Goddess’
in a specially created ceremony on the Sunday morning of the
Goddess Conference programme.

Our intention is to try and set a new blueprint for how to meet in the
similarities between us, instead of letting differences tear us into increasingly
deeper divisions and ‘other-as-lesser’ making behaviour.

Come be a part of this intention, come and enter
the Temple of the Sovereign Goddess of Avalon.



🔴 Ruby Red and ⚪ Diamond White
(for the Red and White springs and the Dragons of Avalon),

🟢 Emerald Green and 🔵 Safire Blue
( for the sacred land, sky and lake of Avalon),

and 🟡 Gold for the Sovereign Goddess of Avalon
(Goddess of many names, forms and faces and Lady of our hearts).

It is going to be such a wonderful and colourful celebration.



Come and experience the life changing event that is the Goddess Conference
in person in Glastonbury, or come be a part of our online community through
the online Goddess Conference programme.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Glastonbury,
28th to 31st July 2022 for the Sovereign Goddess of Avalon Conferen



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Wonderful pictures of previous Goddess Conferences, courtesy by Ann Cook